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CREA | Mapping and Analysis | Challenging Criminalization of Young People’s Sexuality in East Africa


The purpose of this consultancy is to support CREA’s work to develop a “Flaws in Laws” project (challenging criminalization of young people’s sexuality) in East Africa. Please see for more information. The consultant will:

  1. Produce a mapping of young people’s groups/organisations/networks working on sexuality and rights, whom we might want to consider as partners for an East Africa Flaws in Laws project. This will focus on key actors, organizations, networks, coalitions, and platforms working at the national and regional level.

a. The scope of the mapping is limited to actors generally aligned with CREA’s strategy areas and operating from compatible principles, namely on the portfolio of girls’ and women’s rights, and gender diverse people, and with a focus on feminist leadership, sexual and reproductive health and rights, gender-based violence and well-being, and the voices and visibility of marginalized women and gender diverse people.

b. The methodology for the mapping will start with a desk review, followed by key informant interviews to identify relevant potential partners, possible interventions and areas of tension. The initial interviews should give priority to activists who already know CREA and have participated in CREA-related programming. This will then be followed by interviews with selected potential partners to gauge their level and areas of interest. Finally, the consultant will consolidate the data and present findings and recommendations.

  1. Develop a capacity strengthening and public education project, with the goal of launching the initial work before the end of the year. Based on the mapping, the consultant will work with CREA staff to shape a project that is clearly situated within and sensitive to issues of young people vis a vis challenging criminalization of sexuality and identity.

Please submit a proposal with statement of your approach to the research, your background in working on this or related issues, your knowledge of or connection to organizations working on this issue in East Africa, and a timeline for the scope of work listed above. Deadline for proposals is 1 December 2020. The budget is flexible.

How to apply

Please send a cover letter, along with your CV to