Lebanon Safety and Security Consultancy - 2 Months

Closing date


The Syrian American Medical Society (SAMS) Foundation is a global medical relief organization that is working on the front lines of crisis relief in Syria, neighboring countries, and beyond; to alleviate suffering and save lives. SAMS is one of the most active and trusted international NGOs on the ground in Syria. In 2019, SAMS provided more than 2.5 million medical services in Syria, neighboring countries and Greece, including critical psychosocial support, medical and dental care, art therapy programs, and more.


SAMS seeks a dedicated humanitarian professional with substantial experience managing safety and security for nonprofits in the Middle East for a two-month consultancy supporting the SAMS Lebanon Country Office. The primary focus of this consultancy will be to build the Lebanon offices’ capacity to manage safety and security, including the following tasks:

  • Staff Training: In consultation with SAMS HQ security staff and the Lebanon Country Director, design and deliver three 1-hour trainings to country office staff on mutually agreed upon safety and security topics in Arabic or English. Proposed topics include cash in-transit security, fire safety, operational/information security, and incident reporting process and tools.

  • Security Focal Point Training: Provide training on safety and security management to the SAMS Lebanon Office Operations and Administration Manager. Training should be primarily on-the-job via participation in other activities in this ToR with the consultant, but include at least four hours of theoretical training on duty of care, risk assessment, and NGO security strategies. SAMS can provide internal curriculum and slides if preferred by the consultant.

  • Field Security Plan Update: Review and update the Lebanon Country Office field security plan according to SAMS safety and security policies and humanitarian best practices.

  • Relocation and Hibernation Planning: Plan evacuation routes from the SAMS office in Beirut and identify 1-2 safe locations (e.g. hotels) outside the city that could be used in the event relocation within Lebanon becomes necessary. Advise the Lebanon Country Director on preparing the Beirut office for hibernation of staff.

  • Emergency Communications Planning: Design staff contact rosters and prepare a communications plan incorporating primary, alternate, and contingency methods, including planning for communications if internet/cell service is not accessible.

  • Site Security Assessments: Perform physical security assessments of the SAMS offices in Beirut and the Bekaa Valley, as well as 5-10 additional sites (hotels, work sites) in the Bekaa. The number and locations of the additional sites will be agreed upon by SAMS and the consultant during the hiring process.


The consultant shall be compensated via a lump sum amount agreed upon between SAMS and the consultant, to be paid in two tranches, the first after the first month of the contract, and the second installment on successful provision of all deliverables listed below. No per diem or lodging is offered and the consultant is responsible for providing computer, internet connection, and phone services at their own expense. SAMS will provide a SAMS email address which shall be used for all communications related to this consultancy, as well as local transportation (car/driver) to support assessment activities.


The consultant shall be responsible for providing the following deliverables to the SAMS Lebanon Country Director per the schedule outlined below.

  • Activities Report (Weekly - Fridays): Email to Lebanon Country Director describing work completed in the previous week and any challenges or support needed.

  • Updated Field Security Plan: Per SAMS policies and procedures and international best practices. To be submitted in a draft version by the fourth week of the consultancy and a final version before the end of the consultancy.

  • Written Site Assessments: Written, English language safety and security assessments of the SAMS offices in Beirut and the Bekaa Valley, as well as 5-10 additional sites in the Bekaa (hotels, clinics). Assessments should be 1-2 pages in length and note areas of strength as well as actionable recommendations for improvement. To be submitted by the end of the consultancy.

  • Emergency Communications Plan: Written staff contact roster (1 page) and emergency communications plan (~1-page) in English and Arabic, including information/instructions on using any proposed technical communications methods. To be submitted by the end of the consultancy.

  • Hibernation and Evacuation Plan: Written hibernation and evacuation plan in English (3-5 pages). Evacuation plan should include maps of proposed routes, triggers for evacuation, and addresses/details on proposed safe havens. Hibernation plan should identify a suggested room in the Beirut office and include a list of needed items/physical security improvements. To be submitted in a draft version by the fourth week of the consultancy and a final version before the end of the consultancy.

  • Assessment of SFP: Written document in English or Arabic (1-2 pages) provided to the Lebanon country director outlining the training provided to the Lebanon office Security Focal Point and recommendations for future areas of training. To be submitted by the end of the consultancy.


  • Position available to Lebanese or international applicants currently residing in Lebanon; English and Arabic fluency required

  • Minimum of two years working in an insecure context with an NGO in a security management capacity; previous security work in Lebanon highly desired

  • Demonstrated training experience, especially in security related fields

  • Demonstrated experience with context/risk assessment, security policy and procedure creation, and security planning

  • Knowledge of physical security and information security best practices

  • Demonstrated Incident Management Experience

  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint)

How to apply

To apply, please submit CV, desired compensation, and 2-4 slides or pages from a safety and security training package (original work) to sams.lebanon.vacancies@gmail.com