Senior MENA Media Manager

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Job Summary:

Every employee of IRI is responsible for carrying out the Mission of IRI and demonstrating the core values in their day to day operations.

Excellence- We believe in quality results delivered by investing in people. Freedom- We believe in exploration and experimentation to be agile and responsive. Respect- We believe in trust, empathy and empowering people. Teamwork- We believe in diversity, inclusion and the power of global collaboration. Transparency- We believe in open communication and clear decision-making. Accountability- We believe in personal responsibility as the foundation of success.

The Senior Media Advisor will manage various projects and will assist with the development and adjustments of project’s strategies to achieve projects goals. S/he will ensure that staff, consultants and partners are kept on track as to project deliverables and objectives. The Senior Media Advisor supports the Regional Director and Regional Deputy Director in division-wide or highly specialized tasks, according to changing conditions, unexpected opportunities or new information.

Position Requirements:

· Undergraduate degree in political science, international relations or related field.

· 6-8 years in project management or project design and monitoring of politics, economics, history and culture of the region; experience working with political systems.

· Extensive knowledge of the MENA media landscape—with a specific focus on media that is sponsored by malign actors, independent media and the social media scenes in MENA countries.

· Demonstrated ability to interact productively with senior officials such as US Ambassador, Deputy Assistant Secretary level or above.

· Proven experience in report writing and project planning

· Strong verbal and written communications skills in English and Arabic (the language of the region).

· Must be able to work independently, multi-task, be persistent and work under tight deadlines

· Experience identifying complex problems and developing creative solutions.

· Willingness to travel to remote and sometime difficult countries.

Primary Functions & Responsibilities:

· Works with the Regional Director/Deputy Director with input from Division staff to help develop and fine tune short and long term strategies for programming that involve media engagement in MENA as a means to bolster democratic development, especially related the dissemination of narratives to counter kleptocracy or malign/authoritarian narratives, in alignment with IRI strategic goals for the Division and/or regional/country strategies. Programming related to media is integral to Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Afghanistan, and other programs.

· Serves as a resource for program staff, including addressing field-based implementation challenges and suggesting innovative program ideas for program development or and new funding outreach efforts.

· Analyzes and reports on political and related developments in specific countries, especially what local media are reporting, to feed into regional and country analysis

· Supports, as needed, IRI’s communication strategy including IRI’s branding and outreach plans on projects assigned, including drafts and updates program summaries and other outreach materials, drafts web stories, tweets, etc.

· Contributes to Applied Learning, taking “best practices” and “lessons learned” sharing it for new program/proposal development and outreach purposes, working with the Center for Applied Learning.

· Supports the Regional Director/Deputy Director on division-wide activities requiring specialized expertise, such as public opinion research and focus group reporting

· Travels as needed for program development and implementation; if an immediate need arises deploys on TDY to maintain continuity of the program

· Oversees program activities and monitors various project objectives ensuring that staff, consultants and partners are kept on track to achieve results

· Reviews and drafts as needed grant reports

· Oversees implementation of specific grants or projects, as designated by the Regional Director/Deputy Director

· Maintains an understanding of donor and IRI policies and procedures related to grant compliance and oversight

· Understands a grant’s substantive, financial and compliance requirements

· Understands fiduciary responsibilities, approves payments as designated by Regional Director/Deputy Director related to program costs following IRI protocols and is held accountable for maintaining appropriate documentation

· Anticipates potential problems and trouble shoots project problems and offers solutions and actively takes part to lead resolution of them with creative and immediate solutions

How to apply

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