Director of Logistics & Procurement

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The Director of Logistics and Procurement is responsible for developing a strategic approach to the corporate procurement and material management process for the purchase of direct and indirect goods and services. In this leadership role, the successful candidate will direct the procurement, storage, and delivery of goods and services for the client; assist Logistics and Procurement team members and colleagues with logistics and procurement processes, change and update other logistics and procurement-related activities; develop and/or update procurement policies and procedures; and develop a centralized logistics and procurement program that will add value and efficiency to the organization.

· Assess CORE’s existing logistics and procurement systems, processes, and facilities.

· Develop and communicate a logistics and procurement business plan; establish, communicate and implement long-term goals for the department in order to promote effectiveness and efficiency.

· Lead CORE emergency relief logistics and procurement efforts.

· Oversee a team of logistics and procurement professionals/consultants.

· Develop, communicate, and administer logistics and procurement team performance and development plans and appraisals.

· Serve as the primary contact for logistics and procurement-related questions, training, policy and procedure interpretation and alignment by all departments.

· Oversee contract development and administration.

· Develop and implement logistics and procurement-related training programs for the logistics and procurement team and organization.

· Manage current logistics and procurement policies, procedures and programs with a focus on their ability to enhance organizational value and efficiency; meet regularly with respective departments regarding procurement for their understanding and/or recommendations to enhance policies, procedures and develop, communicate and implement new/revised policies, procedures, and programs as needed.

· Develop a centralized logistics and procurement program that adds value and efficiency to the organization;

· Process purchase orders and reconcile any invoice discrepancies.

Job Skills & Qualifications:


· Solid analytical and computer skills

· Strong communication skills

· Outstanding team building and leadership skills


· Bachelor’s degree in Business, Logistics or related field

· Experience working in logistics/procurement in humanitarian relief context.

· 7-10 years of related experience, with at least 3 years of supervisory experience

· Results-oriented, metrics-driven leader with expertise in purchasing, supplier collaboration, development and compliance

· Experience with sourcing and procurement and building a vendor program

How to apply

If interested please send resumes and cover letters to: