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Consultancy to Support Resource Development for International Legal Aid Programs

HIAS is a global Jewish nonprofit organization working across five continents to ensure that refugees and displaced persons are protected. Guided by our values and history, we help refugees rebuild their lives in safety and security and advocate ensuring that all displaced people are treated with dignity.

Organizationally, HIAS is guided by its Refugee Rights Framework. This rights-based approach, based on international human rights, humanitarian and refugee law and practice, provides a programming framework for HIAS’ focus on refugee protection. This framework prioritizes programming impact that ensures forcibly displaced people realize their potential and become contributors to society, with this impact being achieved through the realization of legal and civil rights and social and economic rights through 1) the right to protection from harm, violence and discrimination; 2) the right to recovery from the shock of displacement, and 3) the right to economic self-sufficiency and inclusion.

The overall goal of HIAS Legal Protection programming is for refugees and other forcibly displaced people to be able to access territory, legal status, and other basic legal rights. We achieve this goal through three key outcome areas: (1) Refugees and forcibly displaced people can safely access territory; (2) Refugees and forcibly displaced people can access and secure asylum or other protective legal status; and (3) Refugees and forcibly displaced people can access basic rights to health, shelter, education, and work.

Legal Protection programs at HIAS are being challenged by the COVID 19 context, which has forced innovations in remote service delivery and creative adaptations to continue serving clients around the world. Our programming is rising to this challenge and now looking to both capture learning and prepare for further service disruptions.

Goals of Consultancy

Support the continued growth of legal protection programs at HIAS worldwide through the development of key products to support country office implementation of programs. Particular attention will be paid to tools that support legal aid programming with the added lens of ongoing COVID related disruptions. All work to be conducted in close collaboration with the Director of Legal Protection.

Scope of Work

HIAS seeks a consultant to support the following in close consultation with the Director, Legal Protection. It is anticipated that the project will entail roughly 10-12 days of work over a three month period:

  1. Develop a document and corresponding slides defining core concepts in legal protection
  2. Develop global guidelines for HIAS’s legal protection programming


The consultant will submit a final report to outline key products generated during the consultancy.

The consultant will work closely and in coordination with the HIAS Director, Legal Protection.


  • The consultant(s) will need to meet the following profile:
    • EDUCATION/QUALIFICATIONS: JD r masters level qualification in law or relevant field;
    • Extensive experience in refugee legal services management and delivery, with international experience;
    • Experience working with refugees and asylum seekers, preferably in Africa, Asia or Latin America.
    • Experience working with and understanding cultural sensitivities;
    • Strong experience in curriculum development and capacity development in MHPSS;
    • Strong analytical, research and presentation skills.
    • Excellent strategic thinking and problem solving skills, a flexible, creative and collaborative working style.
    • Oral and written fluency in English is required.

Application Process

Interested applicants should send a proposal to carry out stated scope of work. The proposal should contain the following information:

  • CV of the candidate
  • Cover letter explaining how the experience and interest of the consultant addresses the requirements of the TOR
  • Evidence or portfolio of similar work done by the consultant

How to apply

Please submit your resume and cover letter to our website,