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“Outraged by the injustice faced by people with disabilities and vulnerable populations,
we aspire to a world of solidarity and inclusion, enriched by our differences,
where everyone can live in dignity”

Handicap International is changing his name and becomes « Humanity & Inclusion ». HI, Humanity & Inclusion is an independent and impartial aid and development organisation with no religious or political affiliations operating in situations of poverty and exclusion, conflict and disaster. We work alongside people with disabilities and vulnerable people to help meet their essential needs, improve their living conditions and promote respect for their dignity and fundamental rights.

Since the organisation was first founded in 1982, we have set up development programmes in 62 countries and responded to many emergencies. Today we have a budget of around 150 million euros, with 3500 employees worldwide.

HI is engaged in an employment policy in favour of disabled workers.

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HI have been intervening in Yemen on and off for the last 12 years, with its actions initially focused on development issues, notably through the support to the development of physical and functional rehabilitation services for people with disabilities (PwDs) as well as through the capacity-building of the national networks of Yemen Disabled People’s Organisations (DPOs).

Since 2015, HI interventions have been adapted to the current context of conflict in Yemen. With the support of different donors, HI has been supporting two hospitals and one physical and functional rehabilitation centre in Sana'a City, building the capacities of their key staff in early rehabilitation care and psychological first aid (including specifically for children), supplying rehabilitation equipment, and directly providing functional rehabilitation care and psychosocial support to war affected people (including through the donation of assistive devices and provision of Prosthesis). In 2017, these activities have extended to new facilities in and around Sana’a.

In parallel, HI is implementing an inclusion and protection mainstreaming project, to increase the knowledge and capacities of the staff International NGOs in the inclusion of the most vulnerable persons in their humanitarian response (including PwD), so as to increase their access to essential services.

While all of HI activities were done so far in Sana’a governorate, HI has expanded in Aden and is about to launch its activities in Mokha and Hajjah.


Line manager: Head of Mission

Funder(s): Multiple donors

Size of the team: Approximately 50 persons

Duration of funding (project): 24 months

Number of persons under direct supervision (reportees): 6 persons: 1 Field Coordinator Mokha, 1 Project manager Aden, 1 Secu advisor, 1 Log Manager, 1 HR Manager, 1 Finance Manager

General mission: Coordination of the area and supervision of teams to ensure the quality of the projects implemented in the southern part of the country – with a base in Aden.



  • You contribute to the definition of HI’s global strategy for the area and you are in charge of defining strategy for your specific area of responsibility.
  • You ensure the implementation of HI’s strategy, including emergency, mine action and resilience interventions.
  • You facilitate the organisation of surveys and need assessments in your area of responsibility, in collaboration with your Project Managers, the MEAL Coordinator and the Technical Unit.
  • You contribute to the drafting of project proposals and reports.
  • You participate in mission workshops and meetings and, when requested, in regional and/or HQ events.

Responsibility 2: TEAM MANAGEMENT


  • Identify HR needs, prepare job descriptions, recruit staff, define individual objectives, carry out assessments and appraisal interviews for reportees, take appropriate disciplinary measures, etc.
  • Support the operational, logistical and administrative teams in the planning, implementation and monitoring of their responsibilities and in the integration of recommendations; Oversee, facilitate and coordinate the different services (implementation of and compliance with procedures and deadlines to ensure optimal synergy and a good team spirit);
  • Ensure good communication with and among teams, notably by setting up regular meetings with all the services, and with each department separately;
  • Support teams in developing the skills and tools necessary to achieve the objectives set, and provide the link with the Technical and Operational Coordination teams; Identify training needs in your team and organise relevant training in accordance with the mission's training policy. Directly organise certain training courses (content preparation, follow-up, etc.);
  • Ensure strict application and compliance with the rules of procedure, HI institutional policies and the terms and conditions of employment on the part of the teams; Manage any conflicts that may occur within the team and with partners;
  • Ensure that employees, stakeholders and partners comply with the organisation's institutional policies (Protection from Sexual Exploitation and abuse or PEAS, child protection, bribery & corruption).



  • Act as the security focal point for your area;
  • Monitor the security context in the area of intervention.
  • Produce the necessary security documents for your area in compliance with the frames of reference established by the organisation, and update them as necessary.
  • Coordinate the application of emergency security procedures (evacuation, lock-down, etc.) and maintain contact with the coordination team in every case.
  • Forward all security-related information and recommendations and security alerts to your line-manager;
  • In liaison with the Field Programme Director/Head of Mission, take charge of any incidents and/or situations that might develop into a security crisis.
  • Participate in inter-agency security coordination meetings.
  • Ensure every member of staff is aware of his/her role and responsibilities with regard to security;
  • Oversee the rollout of the crisis management system:
  • Provide security training for the programme’s staff
  • Develop an external network of key people/institutions which facilitates security management.


Sub- responsibility:

  • You understand the geography of your area of responsibility and collect information on populated areas, roads, natural resources, and other relevant geographical features.
  • You monitor developments in the political and military context in your area of responsibility.
  • You regularly monitor the evolutions in humanitarian needs and opportunities for access in your area of responsibility.
  • You contribute to the overall analysis of the political, military and humanitarian context.



  • Coordinate and centralise the collection of information and analyse the intervention context, humanitarian needs and their evolution in the intervention area;
  • Provide the operations coordinator with consolidated information on the context, HI’s positioning in the region and the implementation and monitoring of projects;
  • Ensure that the operations implemented are in accordance with the local culture and the mandate and values of HI, and that they are discussed before, during and after with local authorities at all levels and with the target populations;
  • Support project managers in the planning, implementation and monitoring of projects;
  • Coordinate the drafting of the field version of new project proposals for the region;
  • Ensure the relevance, impact, coherence, efficiency, and as far as possible, the sustainability of all of the activities implemented in the area by looking for synergies and, if necessary, reorienting the implementation of activities, in consultation with the coordination team in the capital and in compliance with donor regulations;
  • Develop supervision charts with project managers and conduct regular project monitoring visits, and define and monitor the implementation of recommendations and resulting needs for capacity-building;
  • Ensure smooth and effective coordination between project teams and support services;
  • Negotiate, develop and ensure the implementation of partnership agreements in the area of intervention, in collaboration with the coordination team in the capital;
  • Assist project managers in the monitoring and evaluation of their activities, with the support of the coordination team in the capital.



  • Implement simple, clear and appropriate procedures within the area of intervention and support the service managers in the implementation of specific procedures within each service;
  • Help the base’s service managers to plan, coordinate, monitor and evaluate their services with a view to strengthening their capacity and improving practices on an ongoing basis; Supervise the area’s day-to-day management and support service managers in managing particularly heavy workloads in order to meet certain deadlines;
  • Ensure compliance with HI procedures at the base and in the area of intervention;
  • Ensure regular reporting to the coordination team on the activities of all the services in the area and participate in coordination meetings, either in person or on Skype.



  • Support FC Mokha in the opening of Mokha base with the support of the coordination team
  • Follow-up the set-up the security plan in compliance with HI rules
  • Support FC Mokha in the supervision and management of Mokha base



  • You are Handicap International’s main contact for local partners, local authorities, and other NGOs in your area of responsibility. Take part in the main humanitarian coordination meetings;
  • You share responsibility with the Country Director for representation with field-based representatives of institutional donors. And in that sense you are responsible to boost the area’s development through relationships with institutional donors, monitoring their strategic positioning (areas of intervention, funding policies and modalities) and identifying potential consortia with
  • You participate actively in coordination and information meetings (UN working groups, NGO coordination forums, etc.);
  • You represent the organisation, its activities and programmes during visits from HQ, donors, etc.



  • You help define the communication strategy, advocacy strategy and confidentiality policy with suggestions, advice, and/or warnings, according to the specific context of your area of responsibility;
  • You ensure the implementation of HI’s communication strategy in your hub;
  • You ensure the implementation of HI’s advocacy strategy in your hub;
  • You share with your team all public communication products and/or advocacy products. You ensure that your team is aware of the importance of communication and advocacy for HI and of their potential positive impact for HI’s beneficiaries.
  • You ensure strict implementation of the confidentiality policy.

Responsibility 9: REPORTING


  • You ensure the preparation of internal memos, minutes of meetings and/or reports by your team members, according to the needs of the hub and/or the mission;
  • You forward key information from the mission coordination team and the HQ to your team members;
  • You ensure respect of the mission’s communication channels and of the roles and responsibilities table (ARCI table) in your hub;
  • You provide informal operational updates to field-based institutional donors when requested, in coordination with the Head of Programmes and the Head of Mission / DP;
  • You provide the Head of Mission / DP with a mission report and/or handover document and a complete file and e-mail backup at the end of your contract;
  • You attend a debriefing session at HQ at the end of your mission.


  • You hold a degree in in a field related to the job (humanitarian, Sciences Po, etc.)
  • You have at least 4 years of professional experience
  • You have at least 3 years of professional experience in humanitarian contexts, preferably in the management of emergency/conflicts area, as Coordinator (Field Coordinator preferably)
  • You master security management
  • You have a proven managerial and representation experience
  • You have excellent communication skills


The position is based in Aden – Yemen, but during the first part of the mission, the expatriate will be based in HI remote office in Amman, until his/her VISA for Yemen is approved. Regular visits to Mokha (Taizz area) will be done

In Aden, shared guesthouse well equipped with a safe room, most of the work is done at the office but few possibilities to go out for work purpose and for some extra professional activities. All movements are done by car. HI has set-up a curfew and strict security rules are applied. The situation in Aden is tense nowadays.


  • Starting date : 01/10/2020
  • Length of the contract: 1 year
  • Salary from 2970 € gross/month regarding the experience of the candidate
  • Perdiem : 550€ net/month
  • Hardship allowance : 500€ net/month
  • Insurances : medical hearth coverage, retirement planning, repatriation
  • Paid holiday : 25 days per year
  • R&R : 5 days every 6 weeks
  • Status : position unaccompanied
  • Housing : Collective, taken in charge by HI

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