Consultant for Survey on Implication of COVID 19 for Food and Beverage Sector

Closing date

Consultancy objectives

In this context, WWF wants to undertake a survey on F&B companies’ current operation, the challenges and impacts of COVID–19 they encounter and their plans to resume normal operation, by conducting interviews with a minimum of 80 SMEs from the food and beverage sector especially targeting at the project targeted SMEs.

The overall objective of this survey assignment is to assess and evaluate the existing situation, status challenges and plans of the SMEs from the Food and Beverage sector.

The study should focus and analyse the following key questions:

· How COVID – 19 pandemic and current restriction and how have COVID 19 and current restrictions have impacted their businesses? In relation to:

· Is the SME operating? If so, under what circumstances?

· What is their level of operation?

· What are the challenges that they are facing with regards to?

· What are the measures they are applying to cope up with the current situation?

· Have they received support of any kind from the government and or their associations?

Scope of work

The consultant is expected to provide a detailed proposal on the study including the methodology, timeline and cost for this study.

The detailed outputs & deliverables are is at


· Native speaker’s level of knowledge of the Myanmar language is indispensable.

· Extensive experience and relevant formal qualifications in quantitative and qualitative social science research and survey design and implementing surveys in Myanmar.

· Demonstrated experience in conducting online and telephone surveys with large respondents.

· Prior experiences in conducting surveys with the private sector, especially targeting on the issues of SMEs will be an added advantage.

· Current experience in survey implementation currently under COVID -19 situation is a plus.


· Consultants/ companies based in Myanmar or with work experience in Myanmar strongly preferred

How to apply

Closing Date: 3 June 2020 (Wednesday)

Bid documents:

Clearly stating their fit for this assignment (incl. documentation of relevant qualifications and prior experience), together with a technical and a financial offer and CVs of all experts to be involved with the contract either by email to: or by post / delivered to: WWF Myanmar, 15C Than Taman Street, Dagon Township, Yangon.

The financial offer must be presented as an amount in USD and must include a break-down of the consultancy fee and any incidental expenditure incurred e.g. through telecommunication fees and VAT and other applicable government taxes).

The applicable tax arrangements will be deduce based on WWF’s Myanmar and Government for Myanmar tax policy.

For additional information or clarification, the bidder can email to

Only shortlisted applicants will be contacted.