Request for Proposals - Implementing and evaluating a multi-country pilot on the impacts of harmonized orientation on migrant workers

from International Organization for Migration
Closing date: 27 Feb 2020

The International Organization for Migration in Bahrain intends to hire a Service Provider/Consulting Firm to undertake the implementation and evaluation activities within the ‘Comprehensive Information and Orientation Programme’ for which this Request for Proposals (RfP) has been issued.

Under the patronage of the Abu Dhabi Dialogue (ADD), CIOP aims to strengthen both the protection and labour market integration of migrant workers based in ADD Member States. This will be done by addressing relevant information gaps and/or possible misinformation of aspiring and current migrant workers at key junctions in the labour migration life cycle, through tailored and harmonized orientation across countries of origin and countries of destination.

A multi-country mapping exercise which concluded in 2019 included a comprehensive assessment of common information gaps and related challenges encountered by migrant workers. As a result of this analysis, CIOP advocates for a model of orientation that encompasses the provision of relevant and tailored information delivered to aspiring and current migrant workers at three strategic junctions in the labour migration process: pre-employment, pre-departure and post-arrival. In order to be able to evaluate this approach in more detail, a multi-country pilot will take place.

As part of this process, IOM now invites Service Providers/ Consulting Firms to provide a Proposal for the following Services: the implementation and evaluation of a pilot to assess the impacts of harmonized and tailored orientation on the capacity of migrant workers to effectively navigate work and life abroad.

Full details of these services are provided in the RfP, available here:

How to apply:

IOM-Bahrain invites interested and qualified Service Providers/Consulting Firms to submit the following documentation to HR IOM Bahrain via email at no later than 23:59 (GMT +3) on 27 February 2020:

  • Technical proposal clearly outlining the approach, methodology and detailed work plan for the implementation of the pilot (as detailed in Scope of Services)
  • All-inclusive financial proposal, in USD, which includes detailed itemized budget as in line with the lump sum amount, work plan and scope outlined in the technical proposal
  • Three references of assignments of a similar nature

Forms for the technical proposal and financial proposal are available here: