Finance Development Delegate Yemen

from Norwegian Red Cross
Closing date: 18 Nov 2019

The Norwegian Red Cross is part of the Red Cross Red Crescent (RCRC) Movement, the world’s largest humanitarian network with millions of volunteers and staff operating in 190 countries. Our mission is to alleviate human suffering, protect life and health, and uphold human dignity especially during armed conflicts and other emergencies. To achieve this, we follow the seven humanitarian principles; Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary service, Unity and Universality.

The ability of National Society partners to respond adequately to actual needs of the affected population is an important strategic choice for Norwegian Red Cross.

The purpose of the Finance Development Delegate (FD Delegate) is to ensure support to the Yemen Red Crescent National Society (NS) to develop effective financial management systems, aligned with overall Movement Partner’s plans for National Society Development (NSD) support and established agreements. The FD Delegate will support the NS in all aspects of finance development (FD) initiatives as set out in the job description, and as per the specific project proposal to be developed by the NS. The FD Delegate ensures sound technical quality of the supported FD project, in line with established technical standards and best practices. This should constitute a key contribution to enable the NS to become a strong, self-sustained and accountable humanitarian actor and improve humanitarian outcomes.

Main strategic responsibilities:**

· Ensure that the support provided to the National Society on Finance Development is designed and implemented in line with established technical standards and project management methodologies and support the operationalization of those standards.

· Ensure that the support provided is based on and in line with the Yemen Red Crescent needs and strategic priorities and part of the overall support provided to the Yemen Red Crescent by ICRC and other movement partners, to enhance the development of the Yemen Red Crescent and its humanitarian outcomes.

· Contribute proactively with other technical personnel to ICRCs and Norwegian Red Cross global efforts to establish and operationalize technical approaches and standards in finance development.

Missions specific responsibilities:

· Assess the current skills and competencies of the finance staff of the Yemen Red Crescent Society and identifies and addresses gaps.

· Trains, supports and advices the Yemen Red Crescent Society’s finance staff on financial and administrative issues, including budgeting.

· Involved in the identification and selection of suitable accounting software for the Yemen Red Crescent, as required, or in the effective implementation of existing ones.

· Reviews and suggests ways to improve programme budget preparation, control, reporting procedures and cash flow management, as may be required to facilitate the process of developing appropriate finance work plans.

· Coordinates the standardization of effective Financial Management systems in the Yemen Red Crescent Society and cut off timelines. This includes standard reporting financial formats and consolidation of budgets of the Yemen Red Crescent Society from all funding sources i.e. Partners and NSs’ internal sources.

· Support the Yemen Red Crescent Society’s finance department with the development or updating of the financial manual and dissemination of the finance manual and internal control procedures.

· Supports the Yemen Red Crescent Society in developing its core cost budget or updating the existing core cost budget and cost recovery mechanism.

· Supports the Yemen Red Crescent Society’s staff to following up with the external auditors, to develop an audit response plan and steps for addressing issues raised in the management letter.

Main operational responsibilities:

· Acts as the expert in FD to ensure the provision of technical support and advice to NS’ leadership, Finance and Audit team to ensure the enhanced development and improved management of Finance and Audit units

· Based on identified needs support the re-structuring/improvement of the finance function, processes, systems and procedures, including but not limited to review of current financial controls, rules and procedures, budget planning, reporting, accounting systems practices and management regulations.

· Supports regular follow up of the monitoring plan for the project: providing recommendations and assistance on improvements and following up on the implementation.

· Support Yemen Red Crescent with data collection and provides technical support to the narrative reporting for the project.

· Helps disseminate the improved financial management controls and mechanisms at all levels of the NSs - Headquarters, Zones, Branches and Division offices, ensuring that financial information of all activities is identified and captured in the overall NSs’ financial records and systems through the enforcement of reconciliation practices.

· Together with Yemen Red Crescent Finance Coordinator and Finance Manager ensures that consolidated annual financial statements are prepared and audited on a timely basis.

· Supports Yemen Red Crescent in developing and effectively implementing Staff and volunteers’ code of conduct, and fraud and anti-corruption policies.

· Organizes technical reviews upon request and contributes to terms of reference and inception reports for a final review or evaluation of the project

We seek a person who;

· Adheres to company rules and procedures; execute plans with commitment and determination; achieves high quality results

· Creates a stable and re-assuring work atmosphere; supports and encourages team in difficult times; is firm and reliable

· Builds a useful network of contacts and relationships and utilize it to achieve objectives

· Makes an impact; convinces and persuades others; promotes plans and ideas successfully

· Demonstrates specialist knowledge and expertise in own area and participates in continuous development

· Quickly understands and analyses complex issues and problems; comes up with sound and rational judgements


University degree in Finance/Accountancy and preferably Development studies.

Experience with:

· Minimum of 5 years’ experience of coaching, facilitating, managing and/or supporting staff.

· Working for a humanitarian aid organization preferably in a developing/conflict country/context, with a

minimum 2 years of experience within the Movement (preferably a National Society)

· Broad experience in Financial Management (senior finance management or similar positions with experience from several relevant areas like financial planning, accounting, investments etc.).

· Strong organizational development background (e.g. change management, HR, leadership, strategy development and implementation).

Other skills:

· Proficiency required in English and Arabic language (written and spoken).

· International driving license (manual gear) is required.

Reporting to:

Country Programme Manager, based in Sanaa, Yemen

Position is based in:

Sanaa, Yemen with frequent movements nationwide


12-month contract with possible extension

Why should you apply?

Meaningful: Youll be a part of the world's largest humanitarian organization, reaching the most vulnerable people in their local community.

Impact: You will help National Societies in the region to become strong, self-sustained and accountable humanitarian actors.

Career: You will be connected to an international organization with staff based all over the world

A great place to work: You will work in a multicultural environment with hard-working, dedicated and fun colleagues with a strong culture of collaboration, continual improvement, and celebration of wins.

Norwegian Red Cross strive to build a working culture based on respect, honesty and generosity. We follow the seven fundamental principles; Humanity, Impartiality, Neutrality, Independence, Voluntary service, Unity and Universality

We do a thorough background check on relevant candidate.