CASH Expert - Gaza

from Acción contra el Hambre España
Closing date: 22 Nov 2019

Action Against Hunger as chair of the CPWG and the FSS of Palestine is seeking a Cash Technical Expert in order to improve the performance of the CPWG and its members in Palestine. The detailed tasks that the seekers would like to fill out with this support staff are as follow:

Key activities in your role will include

Objective 1: Information collection and analysis

  • Enable members of the CPWG to improve the use of cash and market analysis in the Gaza strip specific context in order to ensure that all aspects of humanitarian action take into account market systems, including to prevent that humanitarian programs have a negative impact on livelihoods, jobs and businesses upon which people’s long-term security depends.
  • Review and analyse the results of the latest cash intervention survey, in order to provide further conclusions and recommendation, through a participated process within the CPWG, including the wages, duration of work and their relevance to ILO standards if any.
  • Enhance the capacities and skills of the members of the CPWG on how cash and market-based programming can be used to address the different needs of most vulnerable groups including women, girls, boys and men of all ages.
  • Provide tools and training to enhance the capacities of the member of the CPWG on market analysis and market-based programming, cash-based assistance relative risks & benefits, delivery options, social and political feasibility, efficiency and effectiveness, conditionality, targeting, skills and capacity assessment and analysis.
  • Provide advice on transfer/payment mechanisms, stakeholders analysis and assessment

Objective 2: Programme and Technical Support

  • Launch and achieve a market analysis and market-based programming training plan for the CPWG members. (Multi-Sector Market Assessment).
  • Coordinate with different humanitarian sectors in order to explore the possibility to launch and implement the definition of the Minimum Expenditure Basket (MEB) for Gaza.
  • Explore the possibility to define the Multi-Purpose Grant (MPG) transfer value, targeting criteria and methodologies, as part of a more comprehensive protection intervention. Update the strategy, work plan and training plan for the CPWG from 2019 to 2020. The consultant will ensure that those documents are validated by the members of the CPWG.
  • Show and elaborate connections with the Grand Bargain principles resolutions to improve delivery.

Objective 3: Programme and Monitoring Support

  • Reinforce the joint Information management systems, tools and approaches of Cash based interventions.
  • Ensure that the members of the CPWG are aware and applied the most adequate methodology to monitor and evaluate activities, including the possibility of rolling out the Multi-Purpose Grant (MPG).

Objective 4: Coordination

  • Support in the maximizing of resources, minimizing duplication and enhancing complementarities between CPWG partners and with other sectors/clusters.
  • Build strategic alliances with other key actors internally and externally to advocate for cash transfer programming and ensure continuity of advocacy efforts, as and when required.

Objective 5: Capacity Building

  • Identify potential cash and market/safety net or social protection advocates, in particular national talent, and work closely with them to guide and mentor on cash and market policy, advocacy and leadership. Assess the need for organising/facilitating training and learning events.
  • Constant advise and capacity building development support to CPWG members about Cash Based Assistance and Market-Based Programming approaches, methodologies and ready-to- use tools.

Objective 6: Reporting and Knowledge Management

  • Collect and promote good practices and lessons learned, contributing to a collection of replicable good practices for cash transfer programming and way forward on coordinating multi sector responses, guidelines and guidance development. This includes but is not limited to addressing other experiences in CBI in the region as well as CaLP capacities.
  • Advise to CPWG members to consider detected good practices and support to the knowledge transfer to other partners and sectors.

Objective 7: Deliverables

  • A market analysis training plan for the CPWG members achieved.
  • A Multi-Sector Market Assessment completed and published.
  • Launched and defined the Minimum Expenditure Basket for Gaza.
  • Defined the Multi-Purpose Grant (MPG) transfer value as part of a more comprehensive protection intervention.
  • The strategy, work plan and training plan for the CPWG from 2019 to 2020 is updated and approved.
  • Define and update the 4Ws (Who does What When and Where) mapping of Cash Based Interventions in the Gaza Strip.
How to apply:

We will only consider the candidacies received by our online service. Please click in the following link to accede to the service:

Note. - Given the urgency of this position, the vacancy may close before the deadline. For more information about this position, visit our Website in case of not find it published here means that the selection process has been closed.

Do you meet the profile required criteria?

  • Degree and/or Master’s Degree in Humanitarian Action or any related field (Agriculture, economics, political science, etc.)
  • Excellent knowledge of cash-based interventions (including technical guidelines and standards) and specific field experiences in Cash Based Interventions.
  • Proven knowledge and technical skills in design, implementation and monitoring of CBI, preferably from a multi-sectoral perspective.
  • Able to carry out surveys and research, whose findings can be used for proposal drafting or for advocacy purposes.
  • Able to produce regular reports to be used for briefing of donors and relevant stakeholders.
  • Previous experience in a similar position and/or in the humanitarian field of at least 3 years.

Our remuneration package:

We offer immediate incorporation to a dynamic international network with the following remuneration package:

  • Formal work contract: 6 months.
  • Base: Gaza - PALESTINE
  • Compensation packaged: from 1.850€ to 2.400€ gross/month
  • living expenses and per Diem payed in local currency

In addition:

  • Guest House or similar accommodation covered by the organization
  • Travel costs to and from the mission.
  • Expat Health, repatriation, travel and life insurance covered by the organization
  • Extra per month and per child (Under 18 years old): from 100€ to 225€ monthly (according to standard list of Action Against Hunger -Spain).
  • Break: additional rest period, including travel cost to a reference area and economic help of 215€.
  • 25 working days of paid leave per year.