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Closing date: 22 Nov 2019

The Programme Quality Toolbox (PQTB) was developed in 2017 to provide a set of operational standards, supporting actions and associated tools and guidance to support quality CVA at each stage of the programme cycle. A curation protocol was agreed, and the toolbox was populated with standards, actions and sets of guidance for different activities, organised according to the project cycle. The toolbox is now a primary resource for the capacity building team in CaLP and the tools in the box are ones that CaLP can recommend as high quality.

It is now time to review the toolbox to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of its audience through appropriate standards and inclusive and up to date content. The toolbox should cover new topics whilst integrating gender, protection and communication with communities tools and strengthening coordination and monitoring and evaluation guidance and standards. The language on standards needs to be revised to make this flow better and less repetitive where necessary.


Revise and update the PQTB to ensure it meets current humanitarian CVA needs with the latest tools throughout the project cycle with a focus on mainstreaming gender, protection, inclusion and communication with communities; ensuring language on standards is of high quality; and supporting the integration of the PQTB into CaLP’s translation planning.

This consultancy has 6 deliverables:

  1. Revised protocol for curating the toolbox
  2. Revised and updated content for the PQ toolbox according to the revised protocol
  3. Revised and finalised language for operational standards and supporting actions
  4. A matrix of tools by language (English, French, Arabic, Spanish)
  5. Improved landing page/introduction to PQTB
  6. A final toolbox populated with curated selection of tools and guidance, linked to key toolboxes
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