Senior Collaboration, Learning, and Adaptation (CLA) Lead, USAID Yemen Continuous Learning and Evaluation (YCLE) Project, based in Amman, Jordan

from Social Impact
Closing date: 30 Dec 2019

Proposal Summary:

Social Impact (SI) is pursuing the USAID Yemen Continuous Learning and Evaluation (YCLE) project anticipated to provide a wide range of services to USAID to enable it to monitor program performance effectively and operational context; evaluate the performance and results of USAID/Yemen programs; and learn and adapt for improved effectiveness. This contract is expected to result in strengthened Monitoring, Evaluation, and Learning (MEL) systems at USAID/Yemen and enhanced MEL capacity of local entities to improve accountability and increase the use of evidence for programming, learning, and adapting. YCLE will contribute to the U.S. Government’s goal in Yemen of “laying a stronger foundation for a durable peace” and ensuring continued alignment and adaptive management among all Mission activities by providing services across five components:

  • Performance and Operational Context Monitoring and Verification Services;
  • Evaluation Services; Surveys, Analysis, Assessments, and Reporting Services;
  • Collaboration, Learning and Adaptive Management Services, and Program Support Services.

Position Summary:

SI is seeking a Senior Jordanian CLA Lead to support the USAID YCLE project operationalize learning, adaptation, and knowledge management within USAID/Yemen throughout the activity/project cycle. YCLE is a five-year project scheduled to begin June 2020, based in Amman, Jordan.


  • Guide USAID/Yemen's staff and senior management team on how to realize progressive, CLA-oriented program supervision practices through USAID’s CDCS implementation, primarily by bolstering USAID’s evaluation, development, and organizational learning practices.
  • Oversee all aspects of the Mission’s CLA activities, such as planning and budgeting for each assigned activity, identifying appropriate staffing levels, securing appropriately qualified staff,
  • Provide relevant technical guidance, leading consultations with relevant USAID/Bangladesh staff and implementing partners,
  • Identify and execute appropriate agreed-upon methodology, fieldwork, research, reporting, and deliverables.


  • A minimum of seven years of providing collaboration, learning and adaptive management, and program support services on USAID and other donor programs.
  • Demonstrated experience facilitating and creating organizational learning in program policy development in MEL, including indicator development, data collection and analysis, data validation and audits, and performance reporting;
  • Prior experience utilizing Geographic Information System, web-based reporting and database management in programmatic monitoring, coordination, and evaluation
  • Excellent English writing, speaking, and presentation skills. Willingness and ability to travel to Yemen as needed.
  • Fluency in English and Arabic required
  • Knowledge of the Yemen development challenges, with experience working in unstable, conflict-prone, or post-conflict reconstruction environments.
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