CONSULTANCY CALL FOR EXPRESSION OF INTEREST: Evaluation - Contribution to achievement of FP2020 contraceptive prevalence rate objectives - Pakistan

from Médecins du Monde
Closing date: 25 Oct 2019

1. Context

MdM-F is an international solidarity association whose mission is to provide care to the most vulnerable populations in situations of crisis and exclusion throughout France and around the world.

Origins of request :

MdM-F is present in Punjab since 1996 and has implemented several programs on mother and child health, sexual and reproductive health (SRH) and gender-based violence (GBV). In 2017 MdM started implementing a pilot project in Lahore in partnership with the Population Welfare Department (PWD) of Punjab, to improve the quality of the family planning (FP) services for vulnerable communities and empower them to raise their voice and access their SRH rights (SRHR). The intervention proposed to build the capacity of the public institution for FP, which is PWD, MdM partner, while raising awareness in the communities and creating community-led support groups. The third component of the project is advocacy, which the objective for this pilot phase was to identify the SRHR actors and relevant subjects for further strategy.
The general objective of MdM project is to contribute to the achievement of FP2020 related to the Contractive Prevalence Rate (CPR) objectives of the Government of Pakistan , in Punjab province, and specifically to improve the response of family planning needs within the targeted communities of the District of Lahore.

2. Objectives of the consultancy

Evaluation objectives :

The main objective of this evaluation is to assess the approach to family planning and more globally SRH in Punjab implemented by MdM with PWD in the pilot phase. The aim is “learning”, it is expected from the evaluation some analysis, conclusions and recommendations allowing to draw lessons learned to improve, scale-up and replicate this approach in Punjab.

The specific objectives of the evaluation are:

  • To assess the field and right-based approach developed by MdM in partnership with PWD to :
    1) generate demand for modern family planning methods in the targeted communities
    2) respond to the needs of SRH and FP of the communities in the targeted areas;
  • To evaluate the PWD perception, capacity and willingness at the different levels (field, district and provincial office) toward MdM and the project aim and approach, and assess the opportunities and challenges in terms of ownership by PWD and sustainability of the approach after the project’s completion;
  • To draw recommendations for the following scale-up and replication phases in terms of sustainability of the approach.

Budget for the consultancy : 12,000 EUR.

3. Skills required

  • The consultant/s can be international or national;
  • Proven track record in project evaluation (experience evaluating at least 2 comparable projects)
  • Experience of work in the humanitarian sector, on the sexual and reproductive health thematic including social mobilization component
  • In-depth knowledge of project evaluation methodologies (quantitative and qualitative tools)
  • Medical background, with in-depth knowledge on sexual and reproductive health and rights and in particular on Family Planning
  • Knowledge of the Pakistan and Punjab context is an advantage
  • Deep understanding of the gender approach
  • Excellent analytical skills and ability to draft and summarise reports
  • Excellent written and spoken English, Urdu is a valuable asset

4. Indicative calendar
-Dead line to express interest : Oct. 25, 2019 at 18h hdP/CET
-Dead line for a complete proposal : Nov. 05, 2019 at 18h hdP/CET
-Desired date to start the evaluation : Jan. 05, 2020
-“Field” phase for the consultancy : between 15 or 20 days from January 6 to February 1, 2020
-Desired date for submission for the final report : March 15, 2020

This schedule is indicative and may change.

5. Application Pack
Expressions of interest shall be sent to the following email address: with the subject ‘COUNTRY/SITE Evaluation’, by the 25 october 2019 at 06 pm (Paris time / CET).

Consultants invited to apply will be provided with a full application pack of 10 to 15 pages maximum, comprising the following elements accessible at this e-mail address: and specifically headed ‘COUNTRY/SITE Evaluation’:

Technical proposal including:

  • Understanding of the Terms of Reference
  • Technical approach developed and detailed methodology
  • Composition of the team, division of responsibilities between its members, CVs submitted and availability of members
  • Provisional timetable for the evaluation and an estimate of costs per person per day
  • References from two similar previous assignments
  • A sworn statement as to the absence of any conflict of interest

Financial proposal including:

  • Total budget including all tax and incorporating a budget break-down (fees, living expenses, travel, interpreter, etc.).
How to apply:

Expressions of interest shall be sent to the following email address: with the subject ‘COUNTRY/SITE Evaluation’, by the 25 october 2019 at 06 pm (Paris time / CET).