Field Photography Consultant USAID Thailand Counter Trafficking in Persons (CTIP)

from Winrock International
Closing date: 25 Oct 2019

POSITION TITLE: Field Photography Consultant
LOCATION: Thailand, Cambodia, Bangladesh, Nepal
DEPARTMENT: Civil Society & Education
REPORTS TO: Chief of Party or designee

The Photography Consultant will be responsible for developing a database of photos that are representative of the work conducted by the USAID Thailand CTIP and USAID Asia CTIP Projects, which will be used in public and internal project communications and social media. Winrock adheres to maintaining highly ethical photography standards that represent a culture, its society, and people accurately. This position requires ensuring people and their environments take precedence over photography rather than through manipulation to create an image.


  • Travel with Asia CTIP and Thailand CTIP field staff within each of the four countries to target provinces of each respective project
  • Work with both Asia CITP and Thailand CITP field staff, project partners, and the Asia CTIP Stakeholder Engagement & Learning Specialist to determine the most appropriate location to shoot
  • Create photo database using secured and protected software to store all photos taken during the four to five weeks that can be shared with Winrock staff
  • Identify the top 50 photos from Cambodia, Nepal, Thailand, and Bangladesh with accurate description including location, date, and what is happening in the photo

All travel, including flights and vehicle transportation, will paid directly by Winrock.

  • Thailand: 1-2 weeks
  • Cambodia: 1 week
  • Bangladesh: 1 week
  • Nepal: 1 week


  • Bachelor of Arts in Photography, Visual Communications, Fine Arts, or a related discipline is required. Applicants must submit work samples or portfolio with his/her application
  • Experience:
  • Five years of field photography work experience in developing countries.
  • Proven experience photographing vulnerable populations/migrants showing sensitivity, ensuring informed consent, and maintaining the five ethical standards of photography in development: Autonomy, Non-Maleficence, Beneficence, Fidelity, and Justice.
  • Strategic messaging is a plus but not required • Experience writing descriptive captions and background information to accompany photos is an asset.


  • Flexibility to adapt to changing circumstances in the field and work unconventional hours, including nights and weekends
  • Ability to travel long distances in difficult conditions to project provinces in order to capture activities conducted by project grantees as well as the lives of migrants
  • High degree of professionalism and photographic integrity
  • Cross-cultural skills and emotional intelligence
  • Proven ability to meet deadlines
  • Excellent interpersonal and cross-cultural skills including emotional intelligence
  • Highly creative and innovative artistic talent with strong conceptual-thinking
  • Proven ability to work in high-pressure, time-sensitive situations with tight turnaround deadlines
  • Demonstrated ability to work independently but also function effectively as part of a team
  • Fluency in English (Thai national preferred)


50 fully captioned photos based on the following topic/subjects

  • Migrant daily life: Migrants’ work from dawn to dusk o Activities in the field: Partners’ (Winrock and local partner organizations’) work in the field, including realistic representations of everyday activities
  • Gender Equality: Women equality/empowerment, through a family and professional angle
  • Inclusion: Relationships between men, women and children, showcasing the importance of women in families, professional settings, and in making important decisions; framing ethnic diversity and inclusivity
  • Any other topic as assigned by the relevant Chief of Party or designee