Consultant - Research on remittances

from International Organization for Migration
Closing date: 21 Oct 2019

Contract type : Consultancy
Contract length : 6 months

Chad is a land-locked, oil-dependent country in Central Africa, where due to recent crisis in neighbouring countries and the 2014 drop in oil prices, the current economic situation has produced many challenges, especially affecting the country’s development efforts. However, as IOM has recognized through its Migration for Development in Africa (MIDA) programme, great opportunities lie in utilizing migration as a tool for development. As Chad currently experiences these economic challenges, the return of the World Bank to Chad and renewed importance of Chad shown by the International Monetary Fund and other financial support instruments following the Glencore deal (See,,, creates an opportune time to gain a better understanding of the overall economic dimension of migration in Chad, specifically remittances, to enable the government to establish mechanisms to maximize impact of remittances to aid the economy and ultimately improve the livelihood of its citizens.

The project proposes to conduct a study on the dimensions and scope of remittances in Chad to contribute to informed decision-making that will enable the government to identify next steps to utilize remittances as a tool to support the national development efforts. IOM discussions with the World Bank, the African Development Bank, the Central African Development Bank, the Ministry of Plan, and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs have revealed no comparable study has been previously initiated; and is greatly needed. As the first study of its kind, the study will address significant information gaps currently preventing evidence-based decision-making in this context. The information produced from this intervention, will also aid in identifying current challenges and potential opportunities to promote gender equality and women’s empowerment in the economic context.

Overall objective: The project will contribute to the development of government initiatives aiming at capitalizing the positive impact of remittances to support national development efforts. Under the direct supervision of the Chief of Mission and in close coordination with the Project Assistant and Program Support Officer, the consultant shall undertake the first study on remittances for Chad.

Duties and Responsibilities:

The consultant will be expected to:

  1. Conduct a thorough desk review of relevant information available (home-based)

  2. Conduct a study on remittances, including but not limited to the following dimensions:

· Volume of Flows

· Transfer Methods

· Utilization by receiving households

· Possible gendered patterns

· Main sending countries

  1. Product a detailed report in French including

· summary of findings,

· a thorough analysis of data

· recommendations

· relevant annexes

  1. Executive Summary of the report in English;

  2. Present and participate in validation workshop of report findings;

  3. Present final report to key stakeholders

  4. Review the methodology for the case study in southern Chad to ensure coherence between both studies;

  5. If required conduct briefing with implementing partner on methodology to be used;

  6. Review the final case study report against the methodology and integrate key findings into the study report and presentations at the validation workshop.

  7. Provide input and recommendations from the study report and the case study to aid the development of a guide for ambassadors.

While the report will be based on anecdotal evidence, efforts have to be undertaken to have key informant interviews with all relevant key actors (government, community members, financial institutions). To this end, the consultant (or the consultant team) will have to be willing to spend extensive periods in Chad and be willing to travel to neighbouring countries if necessary. It is expected that the consultant (or the consultant team) can facilitate sensitive questions and discussions in non-offensive manners also with translators taking into account the different customs and political sensitivities in the areas of deployment.

Tangible and Measurable Outputs of the Work Assignment

1) Detailed study methodology, including data collection tools to be used

2) Report of study findings, data analysis, recommendations and relevant annexes

3) Executive summary of report in English

4) Presentation of report to local stakeholders pour validation

5) Presentation of final report

Realistic Delivery Dates and Details as to how the work must be delivered

· Month 1-2: Conduct data collection

· Month 3-4: Create preliminary final report

· Month 4-5: Participate in validation workshop

· Month 5-6: Finalize report and participate in final presentation

Performance indicators for evaluation of results

· 1 detailed research report is finalized in French, including study findings, data analysis, detailed methodology, recommendation and relevant annexes that provides a holistic overview of remittances in Chad

· 1 Executive Summary in English is available, summarizing key study findings and recommendations

· Facilitation of 1 validation workshop

· Training of implementing partner on methodology to be used for case study south

· 1 Presentation of final report in French


Master’s degree in in Economics, Finance, Sociology, International Development, Migration, Trade or a related field from an accredited academic institution with 4 years of relevant professional experience.

· Experience in field-work in a challenging environment and conducting studies;

· Thorough knowledge of international financial instruments, international trade, remittance management or related matter;

· Experience in survey development;

· Experience working with migrants;

· Mastery of basic software for data analysis;

· Significant reporting and analysis experience and proven track record; Strong and proven analytical skills.

Fluency in French and English is required (oral and written). Working knowledge of Arabic is a distinct advantage.

How to apply:

Interested candidates are invited to apply sending their CV and a Cover Letter to with "Consultancy - Remittances" as a subject, by October 21.

Only shorltisted candidates will be contacted.