CAI- IICA1- UNOPS - Associate RSD Officer Internal-External Vacancy Announcement

from UN High Commissioner for Refugees
Closing date: 22 Oct 2019


The Arab Republic of Egypt ratified the 1951 Convention Relating to the Status of Refugees and its 1967

Protocol in 1981, as well as the 1969 OAU Convention governing specific problems of refugees in Africa in 1980. Egypt, however, has not developed any domestic asylum procedures. The functional responsibilities for all aspects related to refugee status determination in Egypt are delegated to UNHCR, under the framework of a Memorandum of Understanding signed with the Government in 1954, which requests the office to support the Government by undertaking the following specific tasks:

(a) To co-operate with the Government authorities in determining refugee status under the mandate of the High Commissioner;

(b) To facilitate the voluntary repatriation of refugees;

(c) To pursue, in co-operation with the Egyptian Government, the resettlement of refugees in third countries; (d) To provide, within the limits of the funds available to the Office, for the assistance of the most destitute refugees in Egypt; and
(e) To co-ordinate the activities of refugee-assisting non-governmental organizations authorized by the Government.

UNOPS in UNHCR Cairo are involved in all aspects of UNHCR Protection, including registration and refugee status determination for asylum seekers. Through their endeavours, UNOPS contribute to the provision of protection for persons of UNHCR’s concern in Egypt.

The Associate RSD Officer is a member of the Refugee Status Determination (RSD) team. Under the direct supervision of the RSD Officer (RSD Supervisor), s/he is responsible for carrying out supervisory responsibilities in the RSD procedure, as delegated by the RSD Officer (RSD Supervisor), which mainly include responsibilities related to mainly case reviews, providing legal and procedural guidance and coaching, interviewing asylum seekers with complex claims and drafting assessments. The incumbent might also be requested to be involved in tasks related to the reception and registration of asylum seekers and refugees, file assignment and scheduling of RSD interviews, coordination of the work of interpreters, as required. The Associate RSD Officer may liaise with Government authorities and other partners about issues related to UNHCR's RSD procedure and relevant UNHCR guidelines and standards related to RSD. S/he may carry out training for staff, Government authorities and other partners on legal and procedural issues related to RSD and provide technical advice to strengthen national asylum procedures.


  • Duties (key results that will be achieved)

  • Provide legal/procedural advice and support on RSD adjudication issues within the Area of Responsibility (AoR).

  • Stay abreast of legal, political, security and other developments relevant to mandate RSD, the protection environment, including developments in relation to national asylum/RSD systems, as applicable.

  • Support engagement with relevant national authorities and structures in identifying and expanding opportunities in view of developing or strengthening national asylum/RSD systems.

  • Support the quality review of RSD Assessments in line with UNHCR policies/guidelines related to mandate RSD and endorse RSD decisions as required.

  • Conduct interviews and draft RSD Assessments including for complex/sensitive cases per relevant standards and guidelines.

  • Provide ongoing coaching as well as training on the inclusion criteria; principles/procedures related to exclusion; cancellation/revocation; international humanitarian law; human rights law; interviewing techniques and credibility assessment/establishing the facts; and legal drafting.

  • Provide training to other UNHCR units on the refugee criteria and related issues as needed.

  • Assist with the development of a RSD strategy and support senior management to ensure its full and effective integration into the protection and solution strategy of the Country Operations Plan.

  • Assist with developing/enhancing regional and global RSD standards and policies, as required.

  • Assist with the design and implementation of operation-specific SOPs for all aspects of RSD operations in line with relevant standards/policies, including UNHCR's AGD policy and Forward Plan, ensuring the prioritisation of persons with specific needs, or, if based in a Regional Bureau, provide support to operations on the above.

  • Monitor trends and systematically compile statistics related to RSD case processing.

  • Analyse key indicators of the quality and efficiency of decision-making in RSD processing to assess capacity and resource requirements of operations in the region or the operation to which the RSD Officer is assigned.

  • Evaluate and contribute to projecting RSD staffing and financial needs using the RSD Staffing Benchmarks, and support allocation of appropriate human, material and financial resources.

  • Contribute to identifying and preventing fraud in RSD through oversight, advice and guidance to UNHCR personnel, partners and persons of concern.

  • If based in DIP or a Regional Bureau:

  • Conduct support missions, as required.

  • Assess training needs in UNHCR RSD operations and assist RSD Supervisors to provide coaching/capacity building for UNHCR personnel and deployees under their supervision, in coordination with the GLC as appropriate.

  • Maintain and manage a consultative process with operations and other stakeholders in the region.

  • If based in a country operation, together with competent host authorities and partners, contribute to developing processes aiming at developing national institutional capacities and the timely identification of international protection needs in line with the GCR and other key planning considerations.

  • Perform other related duties as required.


  • Education: Undergraduate degree (equivalent of a BA/BS) in Law, Political science, International relations or another related field plus minimum 3 years of relevant professional job experience, preferably in the area of refugee protection, human rights or international humanitarian law. Graduate degree (equivalent of a Master’s) plus 2 years or Doctorate degree (equivalent of a PhD) plus 1 year of previous relevant work experience may also be accepted.

  • Job experience: Minimum 1 year of experience working directly with procedures and principles related to RSD.

  • Fluency in English and working knowledge of another relevant UN language or local language.


  • Experience as a decision-maker in UNHCR or Government RSD procedures is highly desirable.

  • Experience in counselling asylum seekers or refugees.

  • Experience in working with vulnerable or traumatized individuals.

  • Completion of UNHCR's RSD Learning Programme, COI Learning Programme, Protection Learning Programme.

  • Experience in supervising and in providing training or coaching, guidance or advice to staff.

Required competencies:

  • Empowering and building the Trust

  • Managing performance

  • Judgement and decision making

  • Teamwork & Collaboration

  • Accountability

  • Communication

How to apply:

§ Interested candidates are to complete, sign and submit the new Personal History Form (Nov 2017 version) which includes a Letter of Interest for the specific position prior to the closing date of the vacancy notice through UNHCR Egypt’s recruitment portal:

§ Shortlisted applicants might be required to sit for a written examination and will have to undergo an oral interview. Only short–listed applicants will be contacted.

§ UNHCR follows a strict non-smoking environment policy.

§ UNHCR is an equal opportunity employer and does not charge a fee at any stage of the recruitment process (application, interview meeting, processing, training or any other fees)