To Seeking a Consultant for Web/Mobile Design and Developer.

from Plan International
Closing date: 22 Oct 2019

Web/Mobile Design/Developer


Plan works in 50 developing countries across Africa, Asia and the Americas promoting child rights and lifting millions of children and their families out of poverty. Plan is committed to increasing the resilience and economic security of marginalized youth and families by providing the skills necessary to find decent work and secure livelihoods. These efforts benefit from Plan’s local relationships (community, government etc) and experience in youth entrepreneurship and employment programs.


Over the past three years, Plan International has been prototyping and piloting an online community of practice, which supports knowledge sharing and knowledge management across the organization – this product is known as the YES!HUB. 6 months ago, the YES!DIGITAL team undertook a dedicated effort to review user data, feedback and research to identify a product roadmap for the next version of the solution. The outcomes of this review have now been collated and translated to a product backlog and requirements from which to design and develop.

Objectives and Methodology

The objective of this project is to develop an online, socially incentivized, community which promotes the contribution of user generated content which can be ‘upvoted’ by other users. The potential product – mimicking the style of reddit and others – should support Plan International in achieving the following objectives:

  • Collection and organization of user generated content

  • Leverages social networking and user feedback (voting and commenting) to increase user engagement

  • Includes the contribution and organization of user submitted digital assets (documents, images, links etc) to develop an online knowledge base

  • Includes community-based features that allow the establishment and membership of online sub-communities within the solution.

  • Provision of User Access Control to manage permissions and control of site users.

Plan International promotes and practices mobile first, user-centered and agile methodologies. We prioritize the development of inclusive and gender transformative technologies. We also endorse and practice the Principles of Digital Development, which can be reviewed >>

Outputs, Activities, Deliverables

Phase-Output / Activities/ Deliverables

Phase 1 | Negotiation of project scope and design brief

  • Review existing product research documents and develop project scope

  • Evaluation of business needs and solution requirements

  • Development of design brief and project scope documents

  • Negotiation of project scope milestones and deliverables

  • Agreement, approval and sign-off of design brief and project scope

Phase 2 | Prototype Proposal

  • Development of solution proposal

  • Solution proposal

  • Design of wireframes

  • Feedback on wireframes

  • Approval of wireframes

  • Development of clickable prototype

  • Feedback on clickable prototype

  • Approval of clickable prototype

Phase 3 | Alpha Solution Development

  • Development of alpha MVP

  • Alpha MVP user testing

  • Creation and population of product backlog

Phase 4 | Beta Solution Deployment

  • Development of beta MVP

  • Feedback on beta MVP

  • Beta testing of MVP

  • Update of product backlog

Phase 5 | Production Deployment

  • Deployment of Production MVP

End Date

All deliverables for this project must be completed on or before January 31, 2020

Milestone Payment Schedule

The budget for this TOR is to be included in budget assigned from the previous TOR between Plan International and the vendor.

Milestone / Estimate Timeline/ Payment Release

Contract Signing / 5 days / 20%

Milestone 1: Preparation (Phase 1) / 5 days / 10%

Milestone 2: Prototype (Phase 2) / 15 days / 10%

Milestone 3: Alpha Delivery (Phase 3) /15 days /10%

Milestone 4: Beta Delivery (Phase 4) / 30 days/ 10%

Milestone 5: Prod. Deployment (Phase 5)/ 30 days/ 20%

Project Closure / 5 days/ 20%

Contract Conditions

  1. Ownership and copyright of final product belong to Plan International.

  2. Source Code and related application-level technical / technological components belong solely to Plan International, and should be submitted to Plan International prior to project closure payment

  3. Contractor must practice secure code versioning and will be submitted to Plan International prior to project closure payment

  4. The output/deliverable is considered fully delivered when the final feedback from Plan International is incorporated and confirmed as ‘Completed & Acceptable’

  5. A deliverable is considered complete if no response received from Plan International within 5 business days, or as agreed thereby.

  6. Plan should be notified of expected delays no more than one week prior to the milestone delivery date, or else a 2% daily penalty will be applied to the effected milestone

  7. A project delayed longer than 30days terminated and a ‘kill fee’ of 10% of the delivered milestones will be paid to the vendor

  8. Work should commence once the TOR is signed by respective parties

Qualifications and Experience

Interested parties must have 5-years relevant experience in developing similar products for an International or Community Development organization, with proven examples of previous work.


All data and information received from Plan International for the purpose of this project are to be treated confidentially and are only to be used in connection with the execution of these Terms of Reference. All intellectual property rights arising from the execution of these Terms of Reference are assigned to Plan International. The contents of written materials obtained and used in this project may not be disclosed to any third parties without the expressed advance written authorization of Plan International.

How to apply:

How to apply

Interested parties should send a proposal that includes: a response to the TOR, proposed budget and estimated timeline to and by this 22 October 2019.