Youth Partnership Coordinator

from ActionAid
Closing date: 21 Oct 2019

Job Opening -Youth Partnership Coordinator

ActionAid Arab Region Initiative (AAAR) is looking for Youth Partnership Coordinator who is responsible for A strategic programme priority of ActionAid Arab Region is “Young men and women and their organizations are recognized as active agents of change realizing their civic and political rights through creating models to engage, adopt and take to scale”.

Global Platforms (GPs) is ActionAid’s network for youth-led activism. The objective of any GP is to build collective power and facilitate skills creating opportunities with young people that will lead to progressive social, political and economic change towards a more just, sustainable and democratic world. Through capacity building and support to various youth-led initiatives, we seek to promote young people as drivers of change. GPs provide opportunities and spaces for young people to gather, meet, exchange ideas, network, learn and take joint action. Initiated in 2009 there are now 11 GPs around the world.

About ActionAid Arab Region

At ActionAid Arab Region Initiative we work with grass root organizations and civil society actors that have a strong focus on youth and women in local governance. ActionAid Arab Region Initiative (ARI) knows that to create lasting change, the root causes of poverty and injustice must be addressed and that affected communities must become the drivers of the change they want to see. Read more at

Job Title: Youth Partnership Coordinator

Department: Youth Programme

Grade: D

Reports to: Youth Programme Manager

Areas of Responsibilities

Key Activities

Youth Partnership Coordinator Facilitation

  1. Scoping, identification and assessment of potential youth partner organizations for development of the Global Platform in Jordan.

  2. With AA AR, AA DK, and partner(s) finalise the concept and operational modalities of the GP in Jordan.

  3. Develop the MOU between the parties, including clarity on the responsibilities of each Jordanian partner, AA AR and AA DK, and the capacity strengthening needs of partners.

  4. With selected partner(s) identify capacity needs and develop a comprehensive capacity development plan.

  5. Provide ongoing support/capacity development/orientation of local partners on GP methodology and implementation, and expansion of GP activities including: training design and facilitation, youth-led organizing and leadership development, connecting youth across social and geographical borders.

  6. Engage with AA’s Global Platform network for youth-led activism.

  7. Liaise between AA AR Youth Organising and Activism Team and partners on support – TOTs, training, capacity development in general, etc.

  8. Support Jordanian partner(s) in operationalising the income generation/business plans with a view to long-term sustainability of the GP.

  9. Scoping and analysis of, and engagement with, youth-led groups, organisations and movements to strengthen their activism.

Skills and experience:

· Excellent understanding of the youth context and at least 5 years specialised experience with youth-led groups or organisations in mobilizing and organizing young people.

· Understanding participatory methodologies and alignment with GP learning principles, approaches and philosophy essential, and training experience highly desirable.

· Experience in conducting scoping studies and working with partners.

· Understanding women’s rights desirable.

· Has a strong proven coordination and networking skills.

· Experience in designing and assessing training materials.

Person Specification

Education & Certifications

BA in a relevant field.

Mutual respect, Equity and justice, Honesty and transparency, Solidarity with the poor, Courage of conviction, Independence, Humility

How to apply:

With your CV, motivation cover letter should be sent to: (only received CVs on this email will be considered) please clearly indicate which position you are applying for, you will not be considered without putting this title in the subject bar. We respect all candidates but we can only respond to shortlisted candidates.