Mental Health counselor

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Closing date: 20 Oct 2019

Job title: Mental Health counselor

Duty stations: Zarqa, Jordan

Contract period: 6 months

Project ref: Jayeen, Addressing health and protection needs of marginalized adults and children with disabilities, injuries and impairments from the Syrian refugee and Jordanian communities residing in Amman, Zarqa and Irbid governorates through comprehensive rehabilitation, mental health care and child protection interventions.

Project purpose:

Enhancing the quality of life for Syrian refugees and host community members with disabilities, injuries, impairments and mental health disorders, meeting their most urgent health and protection needs and promoting their inclusion and participation in the community.

Job Overview:

We are looking for an experienced mental health counselor who will be responsible for the provision of psychological counseling services at UPP’s local partner (Our Step Association) in Russeifeh, Zarqa for adults and children with injuries and impairments including mental health, who will offer guidance to individuals and families dealing with problems affecting their MH and well-being. the counselor should be able to focus on personal development by helping beneficiaries learn the skills and coping abilities needed to effectively deal with their lives. The counselor will assess and diagnose beneficiaries experiencing symptoms of psychological distress, talk to them about their experiences, emotions, and thoughts, work with them to set goals, develop a therapy plan, identify situations, behaviours, and thoughts that interfere with their wellness and recovery and examine social issues that may influence the person’s mental well-being. Finally, the counselor will refer beneficiaries to UPP, in order to include them in the referral system.

The Service Provider’s main responsibilities are:

· Assess cases’ mental status through interviews, and behavioral observation.

· Use of proper assessment forms for psycho-social cases, according to respective standards of practice applied in Jordan.

· Develop plan of treatment for each case through motivational enhancement, problem oriented and solution focused treatment based on initial and ongoing evaluations including short and long term goals, and required case and caregiver involvement.

· Use effective therapeutic methods for dealing and interacting with children with behavior and conduct disorders.

· Monitor patients' treatment progress and keep track of their mental status.

· Develop recover plans monthly assisting cases to come up with their own practical behavioral goals, and Promote personal growth in cases to overcome problems related to social interactions, mental/emotional health and family relationships.

· Support family units in establishing a safe and supportive environment that encourages successful growth and development

· Maintain case notes on all patients, with regard to confidentiality and proper use of confidential information.

· Participating in psycho-social and protection needs assessments for new projects to be developed/adaptation of the existing projects or during inter-agency rapid needs assessments.

· Adhere to and administer organizational procedures regarding implementation, documentation and reporting of activities and progress under supervision of the Project Manager.

Qualifications of Mental Health Counselor

· At least 5 years of related experience performing required tasks, preferably in complex emergency or relief context.

· Bachelors in Psychology; Masters in Psychology is preferred.

· Strong knowledge of psycho-social support and protection, as well as child and/or youth development.

· Excellent training and coaching skills.

· Experience in the region and refugee settings.

· Excellent oral and written communication skills.

· Ability to work independently and as a part of a team.

· Strong verbal and written communications skills.

· Solid experience with the provision of psycho-social support and Psycho-social First Aid.

How to apply:

If your qualifications match the job requirements, please send your CV and Cover Letter to Please include position title in email subject.