Financial Literacy Curriculum Consultant

from Pact
Closing date: 30 Nov 2019

At the heart of Pact is the promise of a better tomorrow. A nonprofit international development organization founded in 1971, Pact works on the ground in nearly 40 countries to improve the lives of those who are challenged by poverty and marginalization. We serve these communities because we envision a world where everyone owns their future. To do this, we build systemic solutions in partnership with local organizations, businesses, and governments that create sustainable and resilient communities where those we serve are heard, capable, and vibrant. Pact is a recognized global leader in international development. Our staff have a range of expertise in areas including public health, capacity development, governance and civil society, natural resource management, poverty, fragile states, monitoring and evaluation, small-scale and artisanal mining, microfinance and more. This expertise is combined in Pact’s unique integrated approach, which focuses on systemic changes needed to improve people’s lives.


Pact Ventures (PV) - Pact has been working in Tanzania for nearly 20 years with a focus on strengthening health systems, education, financial literacy and livelihoods in all 20 regions. Pact also works to improve the safety, skills and revenue potential for artisanal and small-scale gemstone miners in the country. Pact’s work in Tanzania leverages our award-winning village savings and loans group (VSLG) model that brings low income communities together in groups of 20 to 25 to save money, access credit and start small businesses. Through this model, Pact has trained hundreds of thousands of individuals around the world in basic financial management, lending and borrowing principles, and revenue generating activities. Our model builds confidence and trust in community-managed financial services, and expands members’ ability to save and borrow for critical expenses. As the sophistication of VSLG members grow, many need more secure savings and larger loans. Pact aims to develop a “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” curriculum to prepare them to determine when and how to use a range of formal financial products and services from banking to insurance. This curriculum will introduce formal financial services and instiution types (i.e. microfinance bank, commercial bank, digital financial service provider, etc.), and build awareness on relevant consumer rights and protections, ensuring members are ready, able and confident to access formal financial services, often for the first time.

Position Overview

The goal of this consultancy is to create a best-in-class “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” curriculum as well as develop and deliver teaching content that will enable members participating in Pact’s savings and loans groups to expand their financial horizons and make informed decisions about how and when to use different types of formal financial products and services.

Key Responsibilities

The consultant will be responsible for the following key tasks, responsibilities and deliverables. The consultant will work in coordination with Pact Tanzania and Pact HQ teams who will provide guidance, contextualization of dynamics of local VSLGs, review and sign off on all expected deliverables through regular check-ins. The location of work is flexible with one week required travel to Tanzania to deliver training content.



Key Tasks




Design “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” curriculum and training content for Pact’s VSLG members that:

  • Builds member knowledge and comfort with formal financial services

  • Bolsters their capacity to use formal banking

  • Empowers them to make informed decisions re new financial products and services

§ Develop comprehensive curriculum with direction and input from Pact team

o Consult existing resources in the marketplace to capture best practices

o Consult Pact’s existing financial literacy curricula to ensure no duplication

o Propose list of core topics to cover during 4 session curriculum; initial suggestions include:

1) Introduction to formal financial service providers and services in Tanzania -- deciding when and how to use them;

2) Risk assessment, consumer rights, and protection safeguards;

3) Introduction to technology-enabled financial services (i.e. microloans, etc.);

4) Overview of financial products targeted for VSLGs (i.e. group savings accounts, etc.) and how to incorporate them into existing VSLG structure

o Help finalize VSLG member baseline survey on financial awareness, needs and demands to inform training content

§ Comprehensive “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” curriculum

§ Any additional curriculum support aids

2 weeks

§ Develop financial literacy training content to be delivered over 4 in-person sessions with VSLG members

o Develop discrete modules that build from and reinforce earlier trainings

o Develop teaching materials and aids, including handouts

o Coordinate with Pact teams focused on VSLG capacity development to contextualize content for targeted communities

§ “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” training content and modules

§ All necessary teaching materials and support aids

1 week


Develop Train the Trainer (ToT) facilitation guides and provide training to relevant parties in Tanzania

§ Design ToT modules corresponding with curriculum customized for community-based trainers with varying education levels

§ Conduct training sessions over 1 week in Tanzania to equip Pact staff and community-based trainers to independently facilitate “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” trainings to VSLGs

§ ToT facilitation guide(s)

§ Deliver training sessions to Pact staff and community-based trainers

2 weeks


Design assessment and reporting tools to evaluate effectiveness of “Formal Financial Access and Literacy” trainings and ToT training content

§ Design mechanisms for collecting ongoing insights and feedback from VSLG members on efficacy of curriculum and trainings, with a preference for incorporating digital channels

§ Create ToT evaluation assessment for trainers to assess effectiveness of ToT facilitation guide and trainings

§ Develop pre- and post-course evaluations for VSLG members to assess effectiveness of curriculum and trainings

§ Post-training evaluation assessment tools for ToT and VSLG trainings

1 week

Basic Requirements

  • Master’s degree with focus on or significant exposure to financial inclusion, economic development, and international development
  • Demonstrated experience in the design and implementation of financial education curriculum and training for the bottom-of-the-pyramid, and/or other economic development programming
  • Demonstrated experience with or exposure to telecom, technology and other industries relevant to improving financial inclusion
  • Demonstrated experience with or exposure to delivering financial literacy and capacity development training, particularly through train the trainer model
  • Excellent written and oral communication skills
  • Comfort in Microsoft Word and Powerpoint
  • Excellent written and spoken English

Preferred Qualifications

  • Master’s in Behavioral Science, Economics, Finance or MBA
  • Experience in the fintech, banking, microfinance, insurance or telecommunication industries
  • Knowledge and demonstrable experience in East Africa preferably Tanzania
  • Experience delivering work products for clients

Presentation of Offer

Interested parties for the consultancy are required to submit proposals by email to by the end of the business day on October 18, 2019. The title of the submission document and email subject line should read “[Consultant’s Name] Financial Literacy Curriculum Consultant Presentation of Offer to Pact 2019.”

All presentations of offer must include the following:

· Cover letter with a summary statement of competencies in relation to the Scope of Work;

· Curriculum Vitae;

· Earliest availability and proposed schedule for consultancy to meet all expected deliverables, including availability to travel to Tanzania for one week to deliver training content;

· Financial proposal for the assignment outlining all-inclusive fee based on provision of key deliverables – travel costs are set by Pact per standard rates

Questions or comments can be directed to until October 11, 2019., subject line being “Questions: Financial Literacy Curriculum Consultant."

Pact is an equal opportunity employer and does not discriminate in its selection and employment practices on the basis of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, political affiliation, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, marital status, disability, genetic information, age, citizenship status, genetic information, matriculation, family responsibilities, personal appearance, credit information, tobacco use (except in the workplace), membership in an employee organization, or other protected classifications or non-merit factors.