Consultant Information Education Communication (IEC) Strategy and IEC Development for Inclusive Livelihoods and Risk Education in accessible format

from Handicap International - Humanity & Inclusion
Closing date: 31 Dec 2019


Humanity and Inclusion (HI) is part of a large consortium with other constituent INGO partners recognising a joint responsibility to address dire needs and rights violations in conflict-ridden areas – specifically focusing on conducting resilient livelihoods in active conflict areas. HI implements several programmes in within the consortium and supports livelihood activities of INGO partners by incorporating inclusion and “inclusive livelihoods”.

Building on the preliminary lessons drawn from the implementation of current activities, HI is implementing a programme specifically aimed at creating an environment for ‘inclusive livelihoods’, where all relevant population groups in the area, in particular persons with disabilities who have been facing specific barriers to meet their needs, can access and are included in safe livelihood opportunities in an equitable way. As part of this initiative, HI will also support communities to mitigate conflict-related risks on livelihoods development, for instance through raising awareness about explosive remnants of war (ERW), and engaging with communities to change behaviour and develop measures to mitigate ERW-related risks.

Wiithin the scope of this programme, HI has planned to develop key messages to promote behaviour change among communities, allowing for overall inclusion of persons with disabilities and inclusive livelihoods. In order to do so, HI will develop: Information Education Communication (IEC) Strategy using a Behaviour Change Communication (BCC) approach; IEC products that can be used by HI and its partners in delivering services to individuals and communities. Furthermore, to ensure that all people have access to Risk Education (RE) awareness messages, the programme will also work to adapt existing IEC materials on RE to accessible format.

For this purpose, HI is currently seeking a consultant expert to:

  • Review existing IEC materials and key messages for the inclusion livelihoods activities as well as RE messages.
  • Conduct a study through primary and secondary sources to identify the different and most effective communication mediums for effective behaviour change communications in the specific context of intervention.
  • Create a Behaviour Change Communication Strategy for Inclusive Livelihoods and Risk Education materials.

  • Based on existing RE materials, propose mediums to ensure RE is done in accessible formats.

  • Develop the content for at least 3 mediums of IEC for use for “inclusive livelihoods” and RE (paper-based, interactive, videos etc.)


The expected outputs of the consultancy are as follow:

  • Conduct a desk review of existing IEC materials and key messages for the inclusion activities and RE in close collaboration with HI Technical Unit and Inclusion and RE Teams
  • Develop a detailed plan for stakeholder consultation for development of key messages and IEC materials.
  • Conduct the consultations such as preparatory meetings, consultations on the key messages, debriefings and final report presentation by liaising and coordinating with all relevant stakeholders. Consultant should consult HI Technical Unit, Inclusion and RE Teams, HI HQ referent for Inclusion and Risk Education, Consortium member partners and ConsortiumProgramme Coordination Unit.
  • Produce a draft IEC Strategy and key messages using a BCC approach, compile and address comments that arise from the internal circulation of the draft strategy

  • Draft the content for at least 3 mediums of IEC for use for Inclusion and Inclusive Livelihoods (paper-based, interactive, person-based, videos, etc.) in consultation with Inclusion Field Teams to ensure contextualisation

  • Work with the RE Technical Coordinator to propose mediums of IEC materials in accessible formats for RE.

  • Produce a final IEC strategy, including a dissemination strategy and action plan, and present to HI Technical Unit, HI Programme Team, HI MEAL Team and etc

  • Finalise the content for the 3 mediums of IEC (Inclusion/Livelihood) and produce a guideline on how to use them – including target beneficiaries and main messages



· Advanced University degree (Master’s Degree or equivalent) in Mass Communications, Communications, Graphic Design with experience/background in developing materials in accessible formats.

· Advanced University degree (Master’s Degree or equivalent) in Disability, Inclusion, Physical Rehabilitation with experience in developing accessible materials and IEC is desirable

Experience (type and amount of experience) :

· 5 years of professional experience in working in communications

· Experience in developing behaviour change messages and developing materials to build awareness, particularly in violent conflict triggered crises.

· Professional experience in working with persons with disabilities is desirable (if with communications background)

· Experience in inter-agency planning and coordination is desirable

· Exposure to or relevant experience in developing and/or managing knowledge management systems is desirable.

Skills (knowledge, abilities required for the position, refer to skills repository document) :

· Strong communication and reporting skills.

· Strong organisational skills.

· Proven ability to deliver in a timely manner within cost and quality standards;

· The candidate should have excellent command of the English language, both written and oral.

· Spoken and/or written Arabic is desirable – if no Arabic consultant(s) should account for English-arabic written and spoken translation in their proposal.

Personal qualities:

· Strong interpersonal and intercultural skills

· Ability and openness to learn about different topics.


Work days will be distributed between September 2019 – 31 October 2019 with a maximum of 25 working days.

Service location: Amman, Jordan


  • The consultant must submit a detailed work plan for the services required as part of the technical proposal and explain how the Consultant will approach activities and check that the service provision is proceeding smoothly.
  • Prepare the outputs (IEC Strategy and 3 IEC mediums) at least 5 days before the end of the consultancy


  1. Final IEC Strategy

  2. Final 3 IEC products

  3. An end of consultancy report detailing methodology, challenges and recommendations


Within the scope of work the consultant will be asked to collaborate and coordinate with;

· HI Technical Unit,

· HI MEAL Team,

· HI Programme Team

· HI Inclusion Teams on site

· HI HQ Inclusion Referrent

· Consortium Member partners and PCU

How to apply:

Ø Further information such as detailed TOR’s, specific field locations and or any queries that you may have can be directed to email to

Ø Please send your official proposals to email

Ø For any communication / request of information / submission of proposal, please clearly indicate “Proposals for IEC consultancy” in the email subject line.

Ø Please note that only short-listed candidate(s) will be contacted / interviewed.

List of administrative and technical appendices to submit:

I. Technical proposal including full schedule and methodology of proposed study

II. Financial proposal

III. Consultant’s CV

IV. References of past lessons learnt exercises undertaken

V. Publications/writing sample