Legal Aid Remote Team, Fluent in English, Qualified Lawyer

from Advocates Abroad
Closing date: 04 Apr 2020

Position Overview

Remote Legal Team Advocates uses social edia, a dedicated Skype hotline, and email to provide services such as legal aid and general information on asylum services available for refugees and asylum seekers from around the world. This team also supports the Advocates Legal Field Teams through intake and other administrative assistance.

Remote Legal Team Advocates monitors and process all incoming messages from refugees, asylum seekers and third parties over email, social media, and phone lines. These Advocates further support the needs of refugees and asylum seekers with a twice weekly Skype Legal Aid Hotline. This hotline offers legal aid and general advice in four languages for three hours every Monday and Wednesday.

Commitment & Duration

The position requires active service of minimum 5 hours per week. The duration of the position is six months, with a possibility to extend.


  • Fluency in English, with fluency in Farsi, Arabic, and French highly desirable.

  • Demonstrated experience with and commitment to working with refugees and

    asylum seekers or other vulnerable communities is highly desirable, particularly in

    the European Union.

  • Integrity, cultural sensitivity and ability to maintain confidentiality are required.

  • Degree in relevant field, particularly law.

How to apply:

Want to volunteer with Advocates Abroad Legal Field Team in Greece?

Send a short CV and letter of interest with the subject "Legal Aid Remote Team" to