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Research Fellow

from Institute of Crisis Management Studies
Closing date: 01 Apr 2019

The Institute of Crisis Management Studies

The Institute of Crisis Management Studies (ICMS) is a newly established center for academia focusing on the management of crises, both as a result of human activity and natural causes. It offers a unique, multidisciplinary Master of Arts in Crisis Management Studies as well as a new Master of Counseling Psychology. Courses are taught by esteemed national and international scholars, practitioners and experts currently engaged in the diverse areas pertaining to counselling psychology. ICMS also offers training, simulation exercises, and field visits, not only as part of the curriculum but as practical exercises for a range of different governmental and non-governmental organizations and initiatives.

The specialized nature of the ICMS extends to its purpose-built grounds, computer facilities, and online learning experiences to inspire students to motivate themselves in their understanding of the subject. Our dedication to producing crisis managers means a commitment to undertaking and facilitating new research in the subject and providing a forum for policy dialogues and symposiums into current issues relating to crisis. To these ends the scholarly and practical activities currently being undertaken stand both in the service of the nation and the international community. For further information, please refer to our website:


This role is two years in length with a monthly stipend. Simultaneously, the Research Fellow will be enrolled in a Master's program in Crisis Management Studies. Accordingly, the Research Fellow receives not only the rewarding benefits and experience of the job, but also an MA at ICMS accredited by Tribhuvan University in Crisis Management Studies (commencing August 2019).


The Research Fellow will assist faculty and staff in composing project proposals/agreements for work with partner I/NGOs and the Government of Nepal, specifically on an upcoming GIS based multi hazard Mapping, as well as social media management and other daily administrative duties.

This position involves cooperation with high-level politicians and individuals from national and international governments and organizations. Accordingly, the Research Fellow must be able to represent ICMS in a responsible and effective manner.

Master’s Degree Course Description:

The Master’s in Crisis Management Studies is an interdisciplinary course designed to encourage a more holistic approach to crisis management, requiring students to engage themselves in intensive fieldwork, case studies, research work and other assessments assigned by the faculty. By the end of your studies, you will be capable of pursuing scholarly and practical inquiry, equipped to understand the unprecedented challenges that the global community is currently facing.

Students must complete 65 credit hours of coursework, including graduate seminars, practical exercises, field visits, a comprehensive examination and a Master's thesis. Course units will be taught by local and international faculty members who are experts in their field.

The following units will be studied over four semesters:

Introduction to Crisis Management Study, Geological Processes and Natural Hazards, Changing Dimensions of Security, Disaster Management Theory and Practice, Multidisciplinary Research Methods and Design/Academic Writing, Leadership Development, Critical Thinking, Geopolitics, International Law, Sociological Hazards, Qualitative and Quantitative Approaches, Fieldwork and Term Paper, Biological and Ecological Disasters, Public Health and Emergency Response, Transnational Social Issues, Humanitarian Assistance, Social Statistics for a Diverse Society, Stress Management and Report Writing, Successful Dissertation and Thesis: "Graduate Research from Proposal to Completion", Understanding Terrorism and Managing Consequences, Organizational Crisis Management Study, Global Change and Sustainability.

Research Fellow Role:

This is a varied role which would encompass the following tasks:

  • Various meetings with government, international organizations, and NGOs
  • IT services
  • GIS based Mapping
  • Website and social media management
  • Writing project proposals and tender applications
  • Field work in rural areas of Nepal
  • Academic research
  • Other administrative tasks.

Required Qualifications and Experience:

ICMS is seeking a candidate meeting the following criteria:

  • Undergraduate degree in engineering or in any field with GIS based approach
  • Familiar with using social media to build awareness of an organization
  • Qualifications and experience in TOEFL are particularly encouraged to apply, as well as those who have volunteered abroad
  • Knowledge or experience with governments, NGOs and international organizations such as the United Nations and IFRC is preferred


A monthly stipend will be provided for the duration of the two-year period and the majority of the tuition fee will be covered by a scholarship, to be discussed upon interview.

How to apply:

Please apply by sending an email with attached cover letter and a copy of your CV to

Please note, only successful applicants will be contacted due to the volume of interest in the position.