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Area Coordinator - South Kordofan

from GOAL
Closing date: 19 Feb 2019

GOAL has been working in Sudan since 1985. Currently GOAL is a leading health and nutrition, WASH and FSL INGO in Sudan, working in South Kordofan and North Darfur states, and supporting the federal Ministry of Health Nutrition Department with technical support. Overall, GOAL provides integrated health, nutrition, WASH, and FSL programming to meet urgent humanitarian needs of the population and build capacity of agencies to respond.

In South Kordofan, GOAL re-started direct operations in 2018 and is expanding in the state to 4 localities in 2019. GOAL provides support to health facilities and Outpatient Therapeutic Programme (OTP) sites integrated in health facilities, supporting staffing, training, drugs and medical supply chain, equipment and running costs. GOAL also provide support to targeted farmers and provide agricultural inputs and livestock support to IDPs and communities as well as WASH intervention targeting health facilities and communities.

General Description of the Role

The Area Coordinator takes overall responsibility for the implementation of all GOAL’s programming in South Kordofan, including Health, Nutrition, WASH and FSL. The Area Coordinator is also responsible to oversee and provide robust leadership to operation departments: HR, Logistics and Finance. The Area Coordinator will potentially oversee 3 sub-offices within the state. The Area Coordinator is also a focal person to coordinate and lead partnership issues with government and other partners within the state.

Overall Objectives of the position

The Area Coordinator is responsible for all activities in their programme site; this responsibility covers the operational/support functions (Security, Human Resources, Logistics, Finance and Admin) and direct programme activities (Primary Health Care, Nutrition, WASH, Construction and Livelihoods) and includes coordination, programme planning and overseeing the day-to-day operations of senior field staff. The Area Coordinator is also responsible for coordination and communication with state authorities.

To ensure good management of GOAL’s programme activities in the geographical location, the Area Coordinator is responsible for ensuring that the programmes receive the maximum possible level of support from the Operational/Support functions. This will involve ensuring:

  1. Proper planning by the programme departments to ensure programme implementation is in accordance with the donor proposals
  2. Good, timely coordination between the different programme departments and Operational/Support functions.
  3. An understanding by all parties of the constraints faced by other departments.
  4. The efficient performance of the Operational/Support functions.
  5. If required, the Area Coordinator has a role to play resolving any conflicts between the different departments.

Key Duties

  • Coordination and programme planning of the GOAL teams in South Kordofan/SK/
  • Oversee day-to-day operations of senior staff
  • Submit weekly, monthly and quarterly reports and provide inputs for donor reports and proposals
  • Coordination with the Government, UN and NGOs in the areas;
  • Ensure the safety and security of the staff in the area of operation.
  • Oversee HR issues in the project
  • Oversee finance department
  • Oversee Logistics department
  • Oversee Construction department
  • External coordination to ensure GOAL’s position is understood and protected
  • Implement other tasks as identified by the CD

External Coordination

Relationships with open dialogue and mutual respect should be nurtured with all stakeholders. Meetings should include updates on the planned program direction and understanding the concerns and promoting ownership of the program by the various stakeholders.

  • Liaise with partners at state and locality level; attend all appropriate co-ordination meetings and share information regarding projects and security where relevant.
  • Ensure good relations with State and local authorities,
  • Accompany donor representatives and other official visitors, when requested to by the GOAL Country Director, and provide information as required


The Area Coordinator is automatically the Security Focal Point for their programme site, and thus responsible for the safety of their team and at all times in a position to respond to a security incident.

Overseeing Security in the programme site, including

  • Implementing GOAL’s Security Guidelines and Procedures.
  • Periodically review of the site-specific security guidelines.
  • Ensure all office and accommodation meet basic security standards, including fire prevention, lockdown and evacuation procedures
  • Ensure that all staff are familiar with GOAL’s Security Guidelines and with the GOAL evacuation plan.
  • Provide a security briefing to all staff/visitors arriving into the site for the first time.
  • Monitor the security situation and provide regular informant to the CD/Security Officer of any incidents, changes or adverse conditions affecting staff safety or project operations in the region.
  • The Area Coordinator should have regular dialogue with relevant stakeholders in the areas and frequent visit to sub-offices in the state;


  • Weekly coordination meeting with the programming heads of department, combined with a robust schedule of site visits.
  • The FC responsibility is limited in the fact that the technical staff will provide technical direction and support for programme activities. Technical responsibility for the programme activities will always remain with the programme coordinators in the programme site (Health and Nutrition Coordinator, WASH Coordinator etc.);
  • The FC must be familiar with the Donor contracts and proposals related to their programme site. They ought to be aware of the different activities and indicators contained in the proposals and on the progress made towards achieving those targets.
  • The FC is responsible for ensuring that all visits successful. This involves receiving a ToR, and discussing the ToR upon arrival of the visitor, and facilitating contact to the relevant staff/etc where necessary. The FC should meet the visitor at the end of the visit to discuss the findings of the visit and any recommendations.
  • Monitor and audit payments made for trainings and for distributions.


Overseeing Construction issues in the programme site, to ensure all construction projects are executed in a safe and cost-effective manner including:

  • On a day to day basis managing the Construction Manager/ Supervisor (if available).
  • Weekly coordination meeting with Construction Manager/ Supervisor
  • Site visits to all on-going and completed construction projects
  • Ensuring all construction works are within budget and according to regulations.
  • Coordinating with the ACD Ops on issues related to Construction.


Overseeing the Logistical department in the programme site, to ensure all logistical requirements are provided in a timely and cost effective manner including:

  • On a day to day basis managing the FLM.
  • Working with the FLM to ensure that GOAL’s logistical procedures are adhered to at all times, reporting any breaches to the Logistics Coordinator/ACD Operations.
  • Coordinating with the Logistical Coordinator on issues related to Logistics.
  • Ensuring that the Logistics Office provides the required support to programmes.


Overseeing HR issues in the programme site, including:

  • Implementation of GOAL’s Sudan HR Manual.
  • On a day to day basis managing the HR Field Officer.
  • Ensure all new hires are properly authorized and contract of employment issued.
  • Monitor and approve all R&R and annual leave. Ensure that an annual leave calendar is in place, and followed through;
  • Review of monthly payroll.
  • Coordinating with the HR Coordinator on issues related to HR.
  • Ensuring that the HR office provides the required support to programmes.
  • Ensure implementation of staff appraisals
  • The FC is responsible for ensuring that the day to day living and working conditions in their sites is of an acceptable standard or that plans are in place and being implemented to bring the location up to the required standard.


Overseeing the Finance department in the programme site, including:

  • On a day to day basis managing the Finance Manager/Officer
  • Working with the Finance Field Manager/Officer to ensure that GOAL’s Financial Guidelines are adhered to at all times, reporting any breaches to the Financial Controller/CD.
  • Monthly review of spending and forecasting
  • Weekly cash counts.
  • Review of Cash book for reasonability of expenditure.
  • Review of financial paper work to ensure all transactions are properly authorized and that all the requited supporting documentation is on file.
  • Coordinating with the Financial Controller and/or Donor Compliance Officer.
  • Ensuring that the Finance office provides the required support to programmes.


  • At least 3 years work experience at field coordination position
  • Experience in volatile security environment
  • Experience in programme management
  • Good interpersonal and motivational skills
  • Flexible/motivated
  • Experience liaising with governmental / local authorities and other NGO’s
  • Experience in managing staff safety and security;
  • Very Good Logistics and Finance/Admin background
  • Very good Program designing and implementation cycle knowledge and experience
  • Strong field experience in coping up with the challenges that come with far and remote project implementation areas with limited opportunities for social activities.