Final External Evaluation of two rural projects in Odisha

from Caritas France - Secours Catholique
Closing date: 15 Sep 2018

Secours Catholique – Caritas France is planning the evaluation of the following 2 projects supported in India, Odisha, from 2015.

“Sustainable livelihood enhancement of tribal and marginalised community in remote tribal villages of Bargarh and Sambalpur districts in Odisha”, Manav Adikhar Seva Samiti (2015-2018)


“Development of Real Empowerment through Agricultural Mission - DREAM Project”,

Balasore Social Service Society (2015-2019)

The “Sustainable livelihood enhancement of tribal and marginalised community in remote tribal villages of Bargarh and Sambalpur districts in Odisha” project’s goal is to promote and encourage innovative models/initiatives to create sustainable livelihood options and reducing poverty in forested, tribal and rural area of Sambalpur and Bargarh districts and enable their sustainable livelihood system integrated with the wider economy.

The “Development of Real Empowerment through Agricultural Mission” project goal is to increase food security of rural households in Mayurbhanj district.

Both projects are promoting village and individual development, livelihood improvement, agro-ecology and organic agriculture, but using different techniques, methodologies and approaches.

1. Overall Objective of the Final External Evaluation

As the time for the respective evaluation of the two projects is coming (please refer to the terms of reference of each project), it is asked to the selected consultant(s) to:- perform separate evaluation of the two projects as per their respective terms of reference;

- produce a cross analysis underlying the best practices and lessons learnt of each partner / project, the areas of possible mutual learnings and exchanges, taking into account the context and feasibility, as well as the wishes of the partners;

- make recommendations to develop synergies (activities and advocacy) if possible and relevant between the two projects.

2. Output

The consultant(s) will prepare separate reports regarding each partner / project according to their own terms of reference, as well as a separate third report presenting analyses, conclusions and recommendations about the above-mentioned (point 1) areas of research.

All the reports are in English.

3. Assessment requirements

SCCF is the sponsor of this evaluation. SCCF signs the contract needed for the realization of the evaluation with the consultant(s).

Requested profile of the consultant(s)

It is possible to send the application of a team of 2 consultants.

Ideally, the consultant fulfils the following requirements:

  • Postgraduate degree in agricultural sciences or agricultural economics

  • 10 years of international experience, including the South Asia region, especially India

  • Evidence of substantial work on horticultural projects, agro-ecology, agro-forestry

  • Evidence of substantial work with groups and CBOs, using a right-based approach

  • Experience in coordination, design, implementation and monitoring of project

  • Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

  • Ability to write clear and relevant reports

  • Impartial and independent of the parties

  • Proficiency in English

Financial Means

The proposed budget should only include the consultant’s fees. Travel and mission expenses will be reimbursed on the actual costs (with proofs of payment) by SCCF at the scale established and which will be transmitted to the chosen candidate(s).

Provisional Timetable of the Assessment

This evaluation will be completed within a period of 20 working days, including preparation work (4 days), field visits with briefing sessions, field analysis, debriefing sessions (11 days), reporting work (5 days).

The evaluation is to be carried in the months of October and November 2018 (from October 1stto November 10th, with the restriction that MASS will not be available from October 10thto 14th)

The consultant(s) is expected to submit the expected outcomes 3 weeks after the evaluation ended.

Criteria for the assessor selection

The candidate is invited, knowing the present terms of reference, to make methodological, technical and financial proposal for the assessment.

The selection will be based on the following criteria:

  • The presentation of the issue and understanding of the subject

  • The methodological approach proposed

  • Qualifications, experiences and skills of the candidate

  • Experiences in the region and regarding the project’s specific issues

  • Financial proposal

  • Timetable for the implementation of all services.

How to apply:

On request sent by email at, additional information on the two projects subjects to evaluation will be sent to candidates

The methodological, technical and financial propositions (answering to the present Terms of Reference), should be sent, with the candidate’s resume, to SCCF, before September 15th, 2018, by email at: and