Urgently Looking for an NGO in Assam/West Bengal for Conducting a Baseline Survey among Tea Garden Workers

from Human Development Research Centre
Closing date: 18 Jul 2018

HDRC Singapore as Technical Expert Agency is planning to participate in a bid for conducting a survey on Violence against Women of female tea garden workers in selected tea estates in Assam. In this connection We are looking for an NGO who will conduct the survey work. The Study design, Data Collection Protocols will be prepared and shared by Technical Expert Agency, while the the Implementing NGO will prepare the implementation plan, work plan, recruit the data collectors experienced using PDA/ Tablets for real time data collection, provide tanning and logistical support to field workers as well as translating the data collection instruments from English to Indian National Language/ State Language of the study location (in case it is necessary). The NGO needs to have at least 3 years experience of conducting real time survey/data collection as well as monitoring the whole process.

How to apply:

Interested NGOs are requested to express of interest letter along with their profile to Avijit Poddar at poddaravijit@gmail.com before 17:00 hrs Indian Standard Time by 18 July 2018.