Leadership Coaching consultant

from SOS Children's Villages International
Closing date: 16 Jul 2018

Terms of Reference for Consultant in Leadership Coaching


SOS Children’s Villages International

International Office Region, West and Central Africa (IOR-WCAF)

Dakar - Senegal


Banjul Cluster

Position Type



6 months (renewable once)

Reporting to

National Association Management Executive Advisor (NAMEA) IOR-WCAF

Working with

National Directors

Starting date

August 01st 2018

Application deadline

July 16th 2018

Consultancy contacts

Please send your application to: jobs.iorwcaf@sos-kd.org

with “Leadership Coaching” written in the Subject line

  1. Background and rationale for consultancy

SOS Children’s Villages International is the umbrella organization for the global federation of SOS Children’s Villages. Founded in 1949 as a non-governmental social development organization, we support children without parental care and families in difficult living conditions through services in care, education, health and emergency relief, and we advocate for the rights of children and young people, in alliance with a great diversity of partners. We are present on the five continents and work in 135 countries and territories, reaching over one million children, young people, families and caregivers each year.

The African continent is organized into two regions, including West and Central Africa divided into three clusters of six countries each. The Banjul cluster is made-up of Cape Verde, The Gambia, Guinea, Guinea Bissau, Sierra Leone and Liberia.

In some countries, SOS Children's Villages (SOS CV) has a National Association with a Board of Directors (headed by a President) and a National Board (headed by the National Director). Countries without a Board of Trustees are under the direct supervision of the International Bureau Region via the Regional Management Team. The National Director (ND) as the executive body and head of the National Management Team coordinates all in-country activities across all sites (2 to 8 sites according to the countries) or the implementation of programs (2 to 5 programs per site according to the countries). The total number of staff is on average around 200 for each country.

The management of such an organization requires certain competences, know-how and hands-on approach in management and leadership from the National Director, in order to instill required dynamism to co-workers and respond to multiple requests.

It appeared, thus, necessary to strengthen, through a long term coaching, the capacities of the National Directors while also working on their decision-making, time management and personal development skills.

  1. Objectives

The Consultant will have to deliver tailored coaching services to Executive/Senior Managers in English and French and make use of the best techniques available. Sessions will take place primarily via Skype or other agreed social media. Where necessary and possible a face-to-face session can be scheduled (to be included in the methodology). The Coach will have to demonstrate how s/he intends to accompany the ND in order to find own answers to questions or issues that s/he faces. Principal objectives are but not limited to:

  • Provide one-on-one capacity development skills to National Directors (ND) by a certified and expert coach for greater efficiency in their work.

  • Provide National Directors with necessary management support when it comes to managing their teams and drive organizational change to face potential challenges.

  • Introduce National Directors to People Management, Change Management, Assertive Communication skills, Situational Leadership.

  • Expected Results

  • Strengthened capacities of National Directors in leadership and decision-making.

  • Felt impact or difference in assertiveness; improved communication skills and public speaking.

  • Developed/ strategic ability, leadership and collaboration skills.

  • Autonomy of reflection and decision making/ownership developed.

Upon signature of contract, an assessment will be made to define calendar modalities with concerned NDs. There will be an evaluation after 3months and a final one as wall. A detailed report on the overall all process, gaps, opportunities and recommendations will be made available at on future contents production process plus any other relevant information.

  1. Target and Timeframe

  2. National Directors: for a first round, focus will be on The Gambia (English) and Guinea Conakry (French) National Directors.

  3. Six months renewable once. Starting in August 2018.The consultant will develop a workable timeline in consultation with the NAMEA IOR-WCAF.

  4. Logistical issues

The assignment is expected to be home based. The consultant will be based in Dakar with flexibility on his/her work site and work time. He/she will be expected to make use of his own equipment and other online training tools. Where necessary and agreed to SOS will provide the platform and workspace. In case of country visit, SOS will provide logistical support including arranging and covering all flights and accommodation costs as well as introduction to a focal point that will facilitate movements on the field.

  1. Qualifications

  2. Accredited and certified expert in leadership management and coaching

  3. Good command of English and French both written and spoken;

  4. Previous experience in coaching senior managers in both languages;

  5. Past experience working with not-for-profit and developmental agencies will be an added advantage;

  6. Proven ability to work in multicultural environment.

How to apply:

Applicants shall submit their bids clearly stating their interpretation of the Terms of Reference and include the following:

  • Updated CV with: references. accreditations, certifications, experience in the sub-region

  • A technical proposal (detailed proposed methodology, chronogram,)

  • A financial proposal (excl. or incl taxes)

  • Offers should be in both languages: French and English

  • Shortlisted candidates will have an interview in French and English to discuss their offers

The bids should be sent by email to: jobs.iorwcaf@sos-kd.org with “Consultancy – Leadership Coaching” written in the Subject line before or by July 16th 2018. Successful applicant(s) will be duly notified.