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The idea behind this assignment is to draw on the expertise that exists in the special education system in order to ensure that inclusive education in public schools would have appropriate support for children with a variety of special education needs (SEN), this approach also sought to win over special schools to the cause of inclusion.
The SRD Team hypothesized that a resource center model providing specialist support for children with special education needs in mainstream schools would gradually depopulate the special planned, carefully supported, and gradually implemented with significant feedback mechanisms for monitoring and modifying support. This includes working with teachers, parents, administrators, and other stakeholders.
This assignment will support the MoE schools as resource centers for inclusive education looks at the factors important to promoting greater inclusion in education through three lenses: (1) schools as resource centers for inclusive education; (2) teachers and the school environment; and (3) additional factors relevant to the school policy.

Scope of Work:

The main objectives of this consultancy are:

  1. Establish a training team capable of organizing and implementing a training workshop on the Inclusive Education.
  2. Develop a teachers’ guide to include children with special education needs in regular classrooms.
  3. Develop a training plan for effective roll-out of the training guide.
  4. Assess the overall status of schools to include children with special education needs, and the challenges to inclusion across the school and learning environment.
  5. Develop a school policy for inclusion with a whole-school approach for all public schools.

Duration and Timeframe: 30 days: during the period from July to September 2018.


A consultant is sought for this assignment with specialized knowledge in:

  1. Minimum Master Degree (preferably PhD) in education, special education, or other similarly fields.
  2. Minimum 10 years’ experience in working on inclusive education programming and policy development.
  3. Knowledge of and experience in putting global child rights standards and good practices in inclusive education of children with special education needs into practice.
  4. Knowledge of global existing resources on inclusive education.
  5. Experience in training teachers on educational approaches, classroom management of inclusion of children with disabilities in the classroom.
  6. Knowledge of the Middle East culture.
  7. English and Arabic languages are required.

How to apply

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