Project Coordinator SB Espoir

from Soutien Belge Overseas
Closing date: 20 Jul 2018

Category: 3 month intern unpaid+ 8 month CD
Duration: 11 months
Reports To: Chairperson SB Overseas
Start: 13 Aug 2018


SB Overseas is a young non-profit, non-governmental organisation based in Brussels, Belgium. Founded in 2013, SB Overseas provides direct and urgent humanitarian aid to civilians in conflict zones in refugee camps in neighbouring countries. We give hope and opportunity to women and children whose lives have been torn apart by conflict by providing education, emergency aid and by fostering empowerment for refugees in Lebanon, Turkey, and Belgium.
The position of Project Coordinator SB Espoir is located in Brussels and is responsible for the development and implementation of weekend activity plans for refugee youth ages 14-18 years located at refugee centres in Uccle and Neder-Over-Heembeek. The Project Coordinator will create opportunities and coordinate activities for refugee youth that promote career exploration, civic engagement, social interaction, cultural awareness and which ease the integration into the local community.

Primary Tasks:
SB Espoir Activities
Explore, develop and coordinate weekend activities for refugee youth.
Plan weekend activities for youths aged 14-18 located at the refugee centres in Uccle and Neder-Over-Heembeek using SB resources and/or in conjunction with other partners
Work with staff located at the centres to explore possible activities, to advertise upcoming activities, to coordinate use of facilities and resources, and to provide feedback
Cultivate contacts with local secondary schools, community organisations, (local churches, mosques?) local government, businesses, etc., to find “partners” willing to contribute to weekend activities via programmes, personnel or resources
Adapt activities depending on the status and abilities of the refugees
Work with the Volunteer Coordinator to recruit, and screen, volunteers for SB Espoir
Maintain the contact list of SB Espoir volunteers
Coordinate and confirm volunteer participation in SB Espoir activities each weekend

Document and catalogue activities related to SB Espoir for future reference and re-use, including contact details and Lessons-Learned
Preparation of weekly report on SB Espoir activities
Preparation of monthly report for donors
Search for Funding, Donations and Training Opportunities for SB Espoir and SB HQ
Search for calls from corporations, community groups, government agencies, etc., for funding, donations, or in-kind training opportunities
Prepare a training needs assessment for SB Espoir volunteers and SB HQ staff
Work with corporations and government agencies, etc., to take advantage of their volunteer programmes where volunteer hours can be donated: to SB HQ for training opportunities; to SB Espoir in support of weekend activities; or to SB Campagne for clothing collection drives
Coordinate annual SB “Community Day(s)” where external volunteers sponsored by corporations, government agencies other NGO’s or International Organisations, come to SB to receive briefings, awareness and training from SB staff. These external volunteers might also provide in-kind donations of training expertise for the development of SB staff

Secondary Tasks:
Create awareness in the local community and, where possible, encourage interaction with peer groups of similar age, such as: secondary schools, social events, etc.
Assist with the planning, coordination and follow-through of the clothing collection drive known as SB Campagne

Essential Qualifications:
Bachelor’s Degree
Experience working with youth and/or developing youth activity plans
Experience writing proposals and presentations
Excellent communication skills
Fluent in English and very good in French
Good computer skills

Desirable Qualifications:
Community volunteer experience
Fundraising experience
Dutch speaker
Arabic, Pashto, or Dari language abilities

Personal Attributes:
Highly motivated and capable of independent work
Imaginative and creative
Comfortable and confident in front of large groups
Well organised
Capable of working under the pressure of tight deadlines
Displays strong personal initiative
Calm and rational with a logical and analytical approach to problems

Requires work every weekend /3 days in the HQ
Will require travel within Brussels area
May require periodic overtime
Expected weekend routine is:
Saturday: 1400-1630 Red Cross Centre in Uccle
Sunday: 1400-1700 Fedasil Centre in Neder-Over-Heembeek

How to apply:

To apply and for more information, please send your email to