Consulancy - External evaluation project Empower- Sierra Leone

from Solthis
Closing date: 22 Jun 2018

External evaluation for “Empowerment of users for good-quality HIV Care” Solthis’ project in Sierra Leone - CONSULANCY


Solthis (Solidarité Thérapeutique & Initiatives pour la Santé – Therapeutic Solidarity & Initiatives for Health) is an international solidarity NGO dedicated to improving prevention and access to quality health care. Solthis strengthens health systems and services in the countries where it operates.

In 2016, Solthis started the implementation of the Empower project (duration: 3 years) which was crucial in mitigating the devastating effects of the EVD outbreak on the organization of quality HIV treatment. It also plays an essential role in strengthening civil society, especially the national network of PLHIV, NETHIPS (Network of HIV Positive in Sierra Leone).

Consultancy description:

Evaluated period: from January 2016 to August 2018

Evaluation budget: 25 000€

Indicative schedule and methodology : The final report has to be finalised before the end of October/beginning November 2018. The in country mission has to be realised between September and October 2018.

Object and challenges of the evaluation

  • Evaluation justification

First of all, this external evaluation meets the contractual commitment towards the financial primary donor AFD (Agence Française de Développement).

Moreover, this evaluation targets the monitoring-evaluation / capitalisation approach of Solthis. It should take into account the following elements:

  • The multi-level dimension of the project: the project aims strengthening and developing capacities at individual level (Health Care Workers and PLHIV), at structural level (health facilities and Support group), at national level (NACP and NETHIPS).
  • The project includes a large dimension of empowerment of users, PLHIV and Health Care Workers.
  • The external evaluation will measure the results achieved and draw some lessons, in order to explore potential for a second phase of the project, based on the reinforcement of civil society in exercising the right to health in Sierra Leone, or a plan for complete handover.

This evaluation will set out the results produced by the project monitoring and evaluation system and will emphasise the most significant changes noticed by the project's target groups (including NETHIPS' capacity to influence, the functioning of patient support groups and the improvement in the quality of HIV treatment in the targeted facilities). The evaluation will be conducted in a participatory manner with all the partners and target groups, with a view to self-evaluation and capitalisation on the lessons to be drawn from the project. This participatory methodology must identify the different steps of the evaluation process, which stakeholders will take part to the process and how, which survey technique will be used for each stakeholder and/or toward which data collection target.

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How to apply:

Closing of the candidatures: 22TH of June 2018

Please send your candidature to the following address:

To be considered, the application must include a complete technical and financial proposal (in euros) before the 22th of June, including the following elements

  • An updated curriculum vitae of the evaluator(s)
  • Listing of work linked to the requested consultancy
  • Analysis/note presenting the understanding of the terms of reference and an offer of the methodology for the implementation of the evaluation
  • A financial offer in accordance with the terms mentioned, linked with budgetary lines commonly admitted in NGOs.