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Closing date: 31 Aug 2018


ALIMA’S SPIRIT: *ALIMA’s purpose is to save lives and provide care for the most vulnerable populations, without any discrimination based on identity, religion or politics, through actions based on proximity, innovation, and the alliance of organizations and individuals. We act with humanity and impartiality in accordance with universal medical ethics. To gain access to patients, we undertake to act in a neutral and independent manner.***

Our CHARTER defines the VALUES and PRINCIPLES of our action:

  1. Putting the Patient First
  2. Revolutionizing humanitarian medicine
  3. Responsibility and freedom
  4. Improve the quality of our actions
  5. Placing trust
  6. Collective intelligence


Since its creation in 2009, ALIMA has treated more than 3 million patients. Today ALIMA works in 10 countries in Western and Central Africa. In 2018 we plan to work in 41 projects including 10 research projects focusing on malnutrition, Ebola and Lassa fever. All of these projects will support national health authorities through more than 320 health facilities (including 28 hospitals and 294 health facilities). Alima intervenes in response to humanitarian crises and patients are at the heart of all our actions. We work in partnership whenever possible to ensure that our patients benefit from the best and most relevant expertise wherever it is, whether within their own country or in the rest of the world.


The HR Desk Manager is leading and supporting the development and motivation of teams with the objective to contribute to the success and impact of our projects.

He/she ensures that all HR work is led in a collaborative manner and in a way that respects ALIMA’s Charters and empowers project teams.

Your main activities and responsibilities include:

Recruitment and placement

  • You will work with the coordination and desk teams and advise on team composition, identifying international recruitment needs as well as secondment opportunities, following the development of talents and career paths.
  • Together with HQ recruitment officers, pool technical advisors and HR Desk Managers, you will identify people to fill positions through internal placement or external recruitment.
  • You will also work with the support of our existing tools and processes (pool meetings, tests, interviews, reference checks …) within the given timeframe and with the objective of optimum team composition.
  • You will contribute to improving the quality of our external recruitments by focusing recruiting attitudes and people who share our principles and values lying in our Charter.
  • ….

Operational support

  • As part of the Nigeria DESK team, you will contribute to the operations definition, monitoring and evaluation.
  • You may participate as needed in explo missions to open new projects or set up emergency responses.
  • You will act as a key person for the support of managers at all level, including the development of management trainings as appropriate.
  • You will support and offer advice to the field HR teams so that their work supports our operations and help teams put the patient first.

Projects HR and administration support

This part will be defined as you go and depend on what the Borno Coordination, the Jahun and the Lassa teams want to delegate to you.

As a matter of fact, number of tasks if centralised in Abuja will make life easier for the project teams if they decide to delegate these to you and your team in Abuja, such as:

  • planning and organisation of people’s transit movements: visas, work permits, booking flights, organising car movements with logistics, etc…
  • legal and fiscal surveillance with our lawyer based in Abuja
  • sourcing trainings available nationally, to support project teams work on training plans
  • … (etc according to what project teams need from you and your Abuja team)

There is a trick in this area, and the trick is to ensure that you do not centralise for the sake of centralisation. Indeed ALIMA’s objective is to support the autonomy of the field teams, so that we get better at saving lives and providing care for the most vulnerable populations.

You will guide the work of field HR teams:

  • by supporting project leaders in defining project HR objectives
  • by providing technical support on all human resources management issues: recruitment practices, staff monitoring (assessment, training, disciplinary procedures…), talent identification, skills development, mobility, evolution, team composition, function grid and salaries …

You will ensure that ALIMA’s HR policies, CHARTER, Code of Conduct and other ALIMA framework policies are known, understood, implemented and embedded with the local legal framework.

You will also provides expertise and support on the use of HR tools, mainly Homère.

HR global projects

You are a member of the HQ HR team, and as such you will:

  • integrate the Desk HR Managers group who meet once a week in order to support each other
  • integrate HR working groups on different global projects, such as competency framework, recruitment strategy, learning platform, global policies update etc…
  • work with the whole HR team on the lessons learnt every year and strategy for the following year
  • contribute to the annual HQ budget planning according to the needs of the Nigeria Desk team
  • ….

You have …

worked in the humanitarian field for a few years, meaning in the field

moved boxes and helped your colleagues do boring but necessary tasks when they needed help

and still are learning every day: you are reading on a regular basis and you like to read about all kinds of field, including HR

learnt to analyse information, situations and facts and used your critical mind more than once to find solutions

You speak fluent French and English, meaning you can also write well in both languages.

You are …

Quick to learn

Good at listening

Creative and open minded

Interested in medical humanitarian operations and research

You enjoy supporting others, giving advice and act as a service provider rather than being the boss who decides

You are capable of making decisions when it is necessary, whether it is easy or not

You know how to help people around you see the big picture and take it into account when they make decisions

You love diversity in your work and are very flexible and agile

You don’t avoid conflict, and even more you know how to deal with conflict whether you like it or not

You think a job well done means planning, anticipation, organisation and communication

Contract : Open Ended Contract, 3 months probationary period renewable once – maximum 6 months of probationary period.

Salary: this is an HQ position and as such is paid according to HQ compensation and benefits policies which are different from expatriate positions since the position and contract are long term

Total cash package: equivalent to 2 749 Euros net, after tax


– travel costs between the employee’s country of origin and Abuja, Nigeria, unless recruited locally;

– Five weeks annual leave per year as well as a recovery system for days spent on work travels; + one additional month paid leave after 3 years at HQ

– One round trip per year between Abuja and the employee’s country of origin for the employee and her / his dependents + one individual round trip ;

– One-off relocation allowance at the beginning of the contract in Abuja, according to HR policy;

– School annual enrollment fees for children from 2 to 18, according to the ALIMA HQ policy;

– Medical cover insurance including repatriation insurance for the employee and her/ his dependents, as per the definition of our insurer.

How to apply:

HOW TO APPLY: To apply, please send your CV and your answers to the following questions (which stands for a classical cover letter) to hiring@nigeria.alima.ngowith the reference “HR Desk Manager_NIGERIA” in the subject line:

  • Why are you applying for ALIMA in light of ALIMA’s operational approach and CHARTER? https://www.alima-ngo.org/en/our-charter
  • If we tell you that you need “a tamed ego and a big heart in order to find solutions together”, what does it mean to you? Please tell us about one personal or professional experience that sustains this idea.
  • How are you going to ensure that you build the right support for the Nigeria project / regional teams without doing their jobs?
  • When would you be available to start ?
  • Reference check: please indicate the names of 2 previous managers as well as 1 HQ HR contact.

N.B.: Applications are processed in the order of arrival and we reserve the right to close the offer before the term initially indicated if a good application is successful.

Only full applications (CV + answer to questions) will be taken into account.