E-Learning Solution development consultant

from International Cocoa Initiative
Closing date: 28 Feb 2018


Established in 2002, the International Cocoa Initiative (ICI) is a leading organisation promoting child protection in cocoa-growing communities. ICI works with the cocoa industry, civil society, farmers’ organisations, communities and national governments in cocoa-producing countries to ensure a better future for children and contribute to the elimination of child labour. Operating in Côte d’Ivoire and Ghana since 2007, ICI has promoted holistic child protection measures in more than 600 cocoa-growing communities benefiting over 1 million people, 682,500 of whom are children.


From 2011 to 2017, with a stronger model for operational delivery, with increased relevance and influence across its industry and non-industry stakeholders, and at a time when cocoa sustainability ambitions and opportunities surged following the end of the conflict in Cote d’Ivoire, ICI grew dramatically in revenue terms. Over the same period, ICI’s staff growth has reached 1330%, with the bulk of this growth occurring in West Africa (and mainly in Cote d’Ivoire) to service the dramatic expansion in project delivery.

ICI’s rapid growth in staff has moved faster than its ability to ensure full and adequate induction, training and refresher training to its employees across a variety of functions and disciplines. In spite of significant efforts to accelerate in recent months, only 28% of staff have so far been trained on ICI’s basic structure, remit, and complete policies & procedures, which carries real consequences in terms of institutional awareness, internal communications, efficiency, motivation and risk-management. This is further antagonised by the rapidly evolving organisational structure and the resultant fluidity in management, supervision and mentoring, which risks to leave staff temporarily isolated yet, as a result of the training backlog, ill-equipped to work independently. With staff numbers expected to grow over the next 3 years (based on demand projections from ICI’s project partners) there is an urgency to clear this backlog and find more efficient methods for rolling out staff capacity-building.

General overview

ICI is soliciting proposals to identify service providers for the design, development and successful launch of a series of pedagogically impactful e-learning modules supporting the consolidation of the knowledge and designing e-learning modules on critical topics identified:

  • ICI Core Values, ICI Policies and Procedures

  • Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Child Safeguarding

The primary audience for the training is ICI staff, although key partners’ personnel as well as any other individual or groups, may also be entitled to take this course.

The key requirements of the project are as follows:

  • ICI is desirous of launching e-learning programs, based on latest e-Learning technology and best practices, to reach staff members in big cities as well as in rural areas.

  • Each e-learning topics should be 4h maximum.

  • The content of each topic should be divided into multiple independent modules so the course can be gradually completed over an extended period of time;

  • Web based E-learning shall provide self-paced, practical exercises driven and asynchronous learning with an evaluation at the end of the module through online tests

  • Each module should be structured to enable additions and text revisions over time based on subsequent evaluations and user testing;

  • The E-learning content would integrate media assets (videos, images, graphics, text, animations, audio) and interactive e-lessons to create a learning environment that “simulates” the real world, allowing the learner to learn by doing as well as immersing the learner in a real‑world situation, responding in a dynamic way to his/her behaviour.

  • The modules should be downloadable, as well as PC/Laptop, smartphone, tablets compatible

Scope of work

The selected consultant/consulting company would provide the International HR Manager and other parties involved with the best platform solution towards ICI needs and developed customized, self-directed courses or curriculum on a web based E-learning site or other solution identified by the service provider, that can be deployed through the foundation for all employees to access.

The consultant should be grounded in adult learning theory and an appropriate blend of behavioral and cognitive methods of instruction.

The consultant/consulting company’s model needs to focus on learning through effective processing, retention, and application of new knowledge and skills on the following topics in French and in English:

  • ICI Core Values, ICI Policies and Procedures

  • Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation

  • Child Safeguarding

The series of e-learning modules and activities will support the consolidation of the knowledge delivered and acquired through the ICI face-to-face initial induction trainings delivered by ICI, and will also support refresher e-learning sessions.

Duties and Responsibilities

Under the direct supervision of the International HR Manager in Geneva, the Consultant will be responsible for creating e-learning material on key training identified and will support the organization, instructional design, delivery and technical implementation of the e-learning modules.

The main tasks and responsibilities of the consultant/consulting company will be to support ICI in developing and implementing e-learning solution across the institution by:


  • Organize kick-off meetings and working sessions with the HR Manager and other parties involved for general objectives and IT technical aspects

  • Submit a Proposal and budget for a e-learning developing and implementing best solution for ICI, as well as project timeframe and milestones

Instructional Design:

  • To review of the existing courses and existing documents and to conduct subject matter expertise interview with HR Manager and parties involved on each subject matter

  • To define learning objectives and curriculum on child-safeguarding, ICI Core Values Policies and Procedures and Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation


  • To develop storyboard, text content and exercises writing/development for each module in integrating instructional methods and media elements

  • To ensure graphic design for each module

  • Developing media and interactive components, producing the course in different formats for CD-Rom and Web delivery and integrating the content elements into a learning platform that learners can access

The interface should be able to communicate user data, track user activity and enable the following features:

o Capture user statistics;

o Allow to print completion certificates;

o Multiple modules, some of which will be core content for all users and other optional modules that allow for self-directed learning;

o An e-learning interface and navigational elements that are learner-friendly

ü navigation buttons and links function easily;

ü search function;

ü the learner may stop the course at any time and restart it from the same point;

ü learners know where they are within the course and can move easily within and between modules;

ü downloadable for offline use

ü tracking to report the learner's performance within a course;

ü Learners are provided with multiple opportunities to get the threshold of questions correct (If 10 correct questions are required, users will have 16 opportunities/questions. Once they get questions correct, they can proceed to the next round)

ü The order of questions is randomly assigned per test

o Track start/stop/resume/user progression;

o The e-learn theming is mobile and responsive across all types of devices (tablets, smart phones, desktop etc.);

o The ability to link to internal and external resources (e.g., websites, embedded PDF documents, videos);

o The use of media and design (e.g. texts, graphics, audio, video case studies, quizzes, animation) to engage learners, promote interest, and support knowledge acquisition;

o Pre and Post Skills Assessment tests linked to certificate of completion;

o Appropriate use of ICI branding within course screens;

o Modifications to modules based on formative and summative evaluations/user testing (up to three revisions, including changes post production);

  • To manage E-learning programming

  • To tools and insights to conduct an evaluation of the achievement of learning objectives and the impact of the project on the organization.

Required Skills and Experience


  • Previous experience in instructional design and creation of training material and e-learning platform for the NGO or development sector;
  • Must demonstrate good knowledge in instructional design, graphic design, online communications and media;
  • Knowledge of instructional design, graphic design software required. Strong knowledge of new media and communication skills required.

Language Requirements:

Fluency in written and spoken English and French is required for this assignment.

How to apply:

Interested consultants should send a technical and financial proposal, describing the consultant’s/team’s relevant experience and capacity to undertake the and citing at least 2 references for previous clients they have worked for in a similar capacity The proposed budget and technical proposal should be submitted by email with the email subject to hr@cocoainitiative.org, by the deadline of the 28th of February, 2018.

The offer must include:

· Technical and financial offer, including the total amount offered in Swiss Francs (include the exchange rate used).

· The budget should detail the human resources, enumerators, material costs, travel expenses and fees.

· Include the CV for the verification consultant/leader

· List of similar work/projects undertaken

· Brief proposed methodology and work plan

· Two referee contacts