Youth Outreach and Engagement Advisor

from Creative Associates International
Closing date: 08 Jan 2018

Creative is seeking a Youth Outreach and Engagement Advisor for an anticipated USAID-funded project in Tunisia. The project is expected to apply a community-led approach t​o address​​ youth and ​community needs and build community resilience. ​The activity will support communities in​ ​creating alternative pathways for youth through activities that​ ​intentionally engage youth within their communities to​ ​promote positive outcomes. The Youth Outreach and Engagement Advisor will be responsible for supporting overall program implementation and activities by providing in-depth and conceptual input from a private sector engagement lens to overall program strategy and work plans.

Reporting & Supervision:

This position reports to the Deputy Chief of Party.

Expected Outcomes:

  • Youth engagement and outreach strategy developed;
  • Youth mainstreamed across project components and directly engaged in all aspects of project life cycle;
  • Project activities are designed to address youth-specific challenges and opportunities in Tunisia;
  • Expert contributions to the Tunisia project;
  • Technical direction, managerial support and fiscal oversight of youth engagement activities; and
  • Dynamic representation of Creative before clients and critical audiences.

Primary Responsibilities:

  • Creates and implements a comprehensive, inclusive, and strategic Youth Engagement and Outreach plan to ensure that project activities:
    • Apply Positive Youth Development (PYD) approaches;
    • Address specific challenges and opportunities facing diverse youth populations, accounting for unique gender, socioeconomic, geographic, and physical differences;
    • Apply a lifecycle approach, ensuring that activities are age-appropriate and take into consideration developmental needs; and
    • Are attractive and friendly to youth.
  • Creates and implements a comprehensive youth outreach campaign to build awareness of project activities and encourage participation across target regions;
  • Equip a cadre of youth leaders
  • Fosters relationships with youth-serving organizations, youth-led organizations, and existing youth structures
  • Build capacity of youth-serving organizations to adapt youth-friendly services, implement youth activities and beyond the life of project; and
  • Engage youth in project MEL activities, such as leading data collection efforts, developing surveys, conducting focus group discussions, and contributing to the project’s research agenda across several themes, including youth engagement.

Required Skills & Qualifications:

  • Advanced degree in Education, youth development or other relevant area;
  • Minimum of 5 years of experience in youth development;
  • Previous experience working with Tunisian youth-led and youth-serving organizations desired; and
  • Fluency in English and Arabic required.