Empowerment Program Officer (Open to Filipino National Only)

from Children International
Closing date: 25 Sep 2017


· Participate in the work planning/ budget planning activities of the Agency by sharing relevant community information and statistics that affect programs’ target beneficiaries, budgetary requirements and implementation schedule.

· Participate in the Service Area Center’s program implementation planning sessions/ activities.


· Function as the primary Agency contact to program beneficiaries and community members for youth program implementation and youth benefit/ service delivery.

· Publicize youth program-related information to the communities which may include but not limited to the Agency’s youth services, schedule of activities, and basic policies and guidelines in collaboration with community volunteers.

· Select or recruit program participants in accordance with prescribed guidelines.

· Recruit volunteers for program implementation in coordination with the SAC Coordinator and Programs staff.

· Facilitate and coordinate community meetings, sessions and assemblies with beneficiaries, parents and volunteers for the purpose of mobilizing the community for youth programs.

· Facilitate the coordination with partner local government units, schools and community organizations for resource complementation/ supplementation with support from the volunteers, SAC Coordinator and Programs staff.

· Respond to requests for child-specific and community-specific information, clarifications and reports from the SAC Coordinator and Youth Program Coordinator. Provide support to the SAC Coordinator in the preparing and coordinating requests for goods and services as resources/ inputs to the youth program activities of the Service Area Center.


· Provide support to the SAC Coordinator, Program Facilitators and Youth Councils in the implementation of (a) Youth Councils’ induction activities, elections, meetings and assemblies, (b) Youth Leadership Training through Project Design and Management replication sessions and community service projects (c) Game On! Youth Sports practice sessions and life skills workshops and (d) Youth Empowerment Fund projects at the SAC and community levels.

· In collaboration with the Youth Program Coordinator and SAC Coordinator, orient and train volunteers rendering services for the implementation of youth programs.

· Review youth program documents and reports prepared by youth and adult volunteers and Youth Council officers before submitting them to the SAC Coordinator or Youth Program Coordinator.

· Carry out functions and roles that essentially support the implementation of Youth Leadership Training, Game On! Youth Sports, Youth Empowerment Fund projects and Youth Council activities such as but not limited to documenter, facilitator, trainer and resource person.

· Provide support for child protection and safety in the implementation of youth group activities particularly those that are conducted overnight and offsite.

· Collaborate with Program Facilitators, e.g. Game On! Program Facilitator, Youth Program Facilitator, etc., in the implementation of specialized/ non-core youth program approaches. Perform other tasks and functions as may be delegated by the immediate and functional supervisors.


· In partnership with volunteers and Program Facilitators, follow-up invited participants who are (a) late, (b) did not complete or (c) did not attend the scheduled youth/ empowerment activities such as but not limited to workshops, sessions, classes, trainings and camps.

· Coordinate with volunteers in assisting the agency to locate respondents of surveys, FGDs and other data collection methods.

· Review volunteers’ submission of accomplished survey and interview tools before submitting them to the SAC Coordinator or Programs staff.

· Follow-up non-submission of program-related documents from participants and beneficiaries in collaboration with volunteers.

· Prepare benefit distribution summary reports, liquidation reports and other monitoring reports.

· Perform M&E data collection (surveys, interviews, FGDs) for specific community respondents, whenever necessary.

· Prepare youth program-related liquidation reports and other monitoring reports, whenever necessary. Participate in the monitoring and evaluation activities of the Agency spearheaded by the Programs Department.


A. KNOWLEDGE (This is gained and enhanced through a combination of educational attainment, continuing training and relevant work experience)

· Preferably, a Registered Social Worker

· Track record in community organizing, case management, needs assessment, report-making and evaluation and other similar tasks

· Well versed in program implementation

· With background in sponsorship relations activities

· Proficient in MS Office Suite (Word, Excel, Power Point, Access) and M&E tools.

B. SKILLS (Demonstrated ability to perform the duties and responsibilities)

· Supervisory skills. Manage the flow of work through decision-making and problem-solving to meet target and assure quality

· Strong analytical skills. Gathers relevant information systematically; synthesizes complex or diverse information; uses intuition and experience to complement data; designs work flows and procedures; has proven track record in analyzing work data to identify trends, improvements, innovations, and mitigates risks.

· Demonstrates Adaptability. Handles day-to-day work challenges confidently; is willing and able to adjust to multiple demands, shifting priorities, ambiguity and rapid change; shows resilience in the face of constraints, frustrations or adversity.

· Excellent communication skills. Conveys information clearly and effectively through both formal and informal documents. Speaks clearly and expresses self well in groups and in one-to-one conversations in English language.

· Sound judgment. Able to make sound decisions; exhibits sound and accurate judgment; supports and explains reasoning for decisions; involves the right people in decision-making process; makes timely decisions.

· Training Management. Designs need-based instructional materials, delivers them effectively through appropriate media, and evaluates impact in performance.

C. ATTRIBUTES (Personal characteristics/styles/values relative to the performance of the role and to align with the organizational culture and ethos)

· Understanding the vision, mission, values and strategic priorities of the organization. Shows contextual understanding of services and issues relevant to the organization and aligns work priorities, activities and decisions to strategically support new initiatives, directions, changes, etc.

· Self-care and development. Learns from experience; actively pursues learning and self-development; seeks feedbacks; modifies behavior in light of correct feedback; maintains healthy lifestyle.

· Positive Perspective towards the children and youth. Passionate to work with the vulnerable sectors of society especially the children and youth for better future.

How to apply:

Interested Applicants may submit their credentials and updated CVs to:


or you can visit our office at: Diversion Road., Brgy. Bogtong Legazpi City