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12 Mar 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
For the millions of children who have had to flee their homes within Syria and in neighbouring countries, displacement has put those with existing disabilities closer to risks like road traffic, rivers and unexploded remnants of war.
06 Mar 2018 description
Over the last eight months, victims of the Syrian conflict have suffered greatly as violence countrywide re-escalated to new heights, according to the latest report by the UN-mandated Commission of Inquiry.
18 Dec 2017 description
A group of leading NGOs expresses grave concern about the plight of civilians and calls on the parties to the conflict to fulfill their obligations under international humanitarian law.
20 Nov 2017 description
The scale, severity and complexity of needs across Syria remain overwhelming. Of the 13.1 million people needing help, 5.6 million people are in acute need.
28 Sep 2017 description
The US$245 million Regional Winter Assistance Plan is only 26 percent funded, with the majority of the country operations severely underfunded.
23 Aug 2017 description
report UN Children's Fund
Water and electricity have been reportedly cut off for more than a month, forcing people to collect unsafe water. Unexploded ordnance and landmines continue to be a serious safety concern.
28 Sep 2016 description
The new Handicap Int'l report identifies the large scale use of explosive weapons in populated areas as the most significant cause of the mass displacement of Syrians.
25 Jul 2016 description
This must include a restoration and consolidation of the cessation of hostilities; all necessary action to ensure safe, sustained, unhindered and unconditional access; and an immediate end to the sieges.
20 Jun 2016 description
With the report *Syria, A Mutilated Future*, launched to mark World Refugee Day, Handicap International highlights the impact of explosive weapons on refugees and IDPs.
29 Dec 2015 description
The largest protection crisis globally continues to unfold in Syria, as the humanitarian situation continues to deteriorate. More than half of the population had to leave their homes.
27 May 2015 description
This explosive pollution will make it impossible for people to reconstruct their lives, and prevents humanitarian organizations from operating safely and providing support to the vulnerable population.
06 Mar 2015 description
Tens of thousands of victims of the Syrian conflict need orthopaedic fitting, a prosthesis and rehabilitation. Handicap International highlights the urgent need for immediate care to avoid permanent disabilities.
20 Feb 2015 description
Unthinkable crimes continue to occur daily in Syria with victims’ voices in danger of being lost amidst the horrors of a conflict now approaching its fifth year, a group of UN experts warned today.
03 Jul 2014 description
report Human Rights Watch
Women have been arbitrarily arrested and detained, abused, harassed, and tortured by government forces, pro-government militias, and armed groups, Human Rights Watch said.
08 May 2014 description
Most of the additional funding will be used to help Syrians inside Syria, with the rest going to help refugees and host communities in Lebanon, Jordan, Egypt and Iraq.
09 Apr 2014 description
More precise targeting and registration of refugees and better training of staff will ensure humanitarian assistance is accessible, appropriate and effective, says new report.
04 Apr 2014 description
Talks allowed for limited humanitarian aid to be delivered to Homs although greater improvement is needed, stresses the first quarterly Regional Analysis of the Syria Conflict (RAS).
17 Feb 2014 description
Due to vulnerabilities, people with disabilities and special needs face higher protection risks. But registration and access to basic services remains limited as lack of data hampers targeting.
19 Dec 2013 description
UN agencies, IOM and INGOs working under the 2014 SHARP seek US$2.27 billion through 122 projects to aid an estimated 9.3 million people across the country.
03 Dec 2013 description
On the International Day of Persons with Disabilities, Handicap International says that there is a huge ratio of injuries leading to amputation. Injured and disabled people are struggling to access the aid they need.