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28 Nov 2018 description
UN experts have voiced their concerns in letters to the governments of Guatemala, Honduras, Mexico and the United States and called on them to abide by international law.
06 Nov 2018 description
Conditions in the reception centres on the two islands are abhorrent. With winter approaching and more people arriving, time is of the essence and emergency measures are needed.
19 Jul 2018 description
ECW invested US$82 million in 14 crisis-hit countries from April 2017 to March 2018, reaching some of the most vulnerable children affected by conflict and natural disasters.
18 Dec 2017 description
Anti-personnel mines, in particular improvised mines, are taking a heavy toll on civilians in Afghanistan, Iraq, Myanmar, Nigeria, Syria, Ukraine and Yemen. Children account for 42% of all civilian casualties.
18 Jan 2017 description
report Human Rights Watch
Refugees, asylum seekers, and other migrants with disabilities are not properly identified and do not enjoy equal access to services in reception centers in Greece, said Human Rights Watch.
07 Dec 2016 description
An estimated 20 million people with disabilities are affected by crises . So far, 139 stakeholders have endorsed the new Charter on Inclusion of Persons with Disabilities in Humanitarian Action.
10 Jun 2016 description
An update of the regional Refugee and Migrant Response Plan (RMRP) needs almost US$ 670 million this year, of which contributions of US$ 328.8 million have been received so far.
19 May 2016 description
Speaking ahead of the first-ever World Humanitarian Summit, a UN human rights expert has urged all countries to take into account the rights and needs of persons with disabilities in their humanitarian responses.’
14 May 2016 description
report CBM
A Charter will be launched during the World Humanitarian Summit to make humanitarian action increasingly receptive to the rights and the needs of persons with disabilities.
09 Mar 2016 description
report Council of Europe
For the first time since the beginning of the refugee crisis in Europe, women and children on the move outnumber adult men. This also means more women and children risk and lose their lives.
23 Feb 2016 description
Recent restrictive practices adopted in several European countries are placing additional undue hardships on refugees and asylum-seekers across Europe, the UN refugee agency said.
03 Dec 2015 description
On the International Day for Persons with Disabilities, Women's Refugee Commission highlights the discrimination and isolation that intensify the pervasive risk of gender-based violence.
10 Jul 2015 description
Call to address the special needs of vulnerable populations in preparedness and response measures to disasters as nations observe World Population Day on July 11.
07 May 2015 description
At times of crisis, people with disabilities are not only vulnerable to violence and abandonment, they also struggle to obtain basic services such as food, water, sanitation and health care.
12 Feb 2014 description
report UN Security Council
In a presidential statement, the Council reaffirmed that parties to armed conflict bore the primary responsibility to take “all feasible steps” to ensure the protection of affected civilians.
10 Oct 2013 description
First UN survey reveals the key reason why disabled persons suffer and die during disasters is because their needs are often ignored and neglected in official planning processes.
27 Sep 2013 description
At a special event on disaster and disability the UNISDR chief called for the collection of disaggregated data in disaster situations to provide a better insight into disability-related injuries.
21 Aug 2013 description
report Inter Press Service
Natural disasters are common in many developing countries across the globe. Organisations are helping communities plan better for their disabled populations.
29 Jul 2013 description
The survey results will be announced on 13 October, the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, which focuses this year on disability and disasters.
12 Sep 2012 description
Women’s Refugee Commission urges that the rights of refugees with disabilities be recognized in human rights monitoring mechanisms New York, NY, September 12, 2012—As the fifth session of the Conference of States Parties to the Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities gets...