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22 Oct 2018 description
Rwanda has increased awareness and community engagement throughout the country using different communication channels in public places such as main Roads, borders and Airports.
19 Oct 2018 description
South Sudan and neighbouring countries are working to develop and test operational readiness since the beginning of the DRC outbreak in August 2018
11 Oct 2018 description
"Sustained humanitarian assistance is needed. There is a lot of hope and opportunity in Marawi, and we need to keep those hopes alive.” Deputy Humanitarian Chief said.
10 Oct 2018 description
In the period 1998-2017, disaster-hit countries reported direct economic losses of US$2,908 billion of which climate-related disasters accounted for US$2,245 billion or 77% of the total.
28 Sep 2018 description
The detection of an Ebola case in the Tchomia region, which is close to Lake Albert, is a major cause for concern because of the high risk of spreading to neighbouring countries.
23 Sep 2018 description
Famine response often comes too late. The Famine Action Mechanism seeks to change this by moving towards famine prevention, preparedness and early action using technological expertise.
20 Sep 2018 description
Spaces for the cold chain to store the vaccine have been identified. The freezers, transportation crates, storage boxes, pallets and vaccines carriers have arrived and been installed.
19 Sep 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
The conflict led to the exodus of government personnel, leaving essential services understaffed. There are pressing humanitarian needs for women and children.
14 Sep 2018 description
The new funding provided by ECHO will allow IOM to have ready for distribution hygiene and kitchen items for 2,500 vulnerable families as well as home repair materials.
03 Sep 2018 description
Heavy flooding caused by Tropical Storm Soulik displaced over 58,000 people in Kangwon and South Hamgyong provinces of DPR Korea. The government is providing assistance.
03 Aug 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
Despite efforts made by the Government and partners, the food security situation continues to deteriorate in Haiti, a consequence of prolonged drought and the impacts of hurricanes Matthew and Irma.
30 Jul 2018 description
Copernicus EMS provides satellite and in-situ information in relation to a variety of disasters, such as meteorological hazards, geological hazards and deliberate or accidental man-made disasters.
26 Jul 2018 description
The region is now the planet’s most water-scarce and food-import-dependent, and the only one where malnutrition rates have been rising.
23 Jul 2018 description
report UN Children's Fund
UNICEF’s 2018 Humanitarian Action for Children appeal, which seeks to meet the immediate life-saving and longer-term development needs of Rohingya refugees and affected host communities in 2018, is 60 per cent funded.
23 Jul 2018 description
Economic losses from extreme weather events deprive governments of funds to spend on health, education, social protection and other important public needs.
17 Jul 2018 description
WFP’s early warning systems monitor and forecast risk factors to enable governments and humanitarian actors to take early action to prevent a critical situation from becoming an emergency.
15 Jul 2018 description
Opportunities now exist to implement longer-term investment strategies and to build-up the country’s resilience to the recurrent shocks, writes the head of OCHA Somalia.
06 Jul 2018 description
Bangladeshi government receives first phase of $200 million funding package to improve water, sanitation, and disaster risk management for Rohingya refugees.
06 Jul 2018 description
The US$37 million project will result in scaled-up early warning systems, training on glacial lake outburst flood (GLOF) preparedness and response, and new protective infrastructure.
02 Jul 2018 description
The second edition of OCHA's guide concentrates on key tools and services that can help disaster managers during the response and preparedness phases of the disaster programme cycle.