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24 Apr 2018 description
At least 120,000 people are expected to be at grave risk of landslides and floods when the monsoon hits the steep sandy slopes of the Cox’s Bazar settlements, where almost a million Rohingya live.
20 Apr 2018 description
The damage caused by this week’s early rains highlights the desperate need for more funding. The cost of protecting almost a million refugees far exceeds financial resources and pledges.
17 Apr 2018 description
Educational activities have grown difficult to implement due to the complex challenges of physical space, protection concerns, and a changing environment with continuous relocation.
13 Apr 2018 description
Plus de 950 000 personnes feront face à l’insécurité alimentaire durant la période de soudure de 2018. Près de 32 000 enfants risquent de souffrir de malnutrition aiguë sévère en 2018.
11 Apr 2018 description
Amidst political tensions, an estimated 10.3 million people across DPRK continue to suffer from food insecurity and undernutrition, as well as a lack of access to basic services.
29 Mar 2018 description
En América Latina y el Caribe, la sequía fue el tipo de desastre más costoso entre 2005 y 2015, causando pérdidas en los cultivos y el ganado de US 13 000 millones de dólares, según un nuevo informe de la FAO.
29 Mar 2018 description
The Bangladeshi government, UNHCR and its partners are taking urgent steps to avert a catastrophe by protecting some 100,000 people deemed at greatest risk of flooding and landslides.
29 Mar 2018 description
With a grossly underfunded health sector grappling to meet the needs of 1.3 million Rohingyas in Cox’s Bazar, the WHO has appealed to the international community.
28 Mar 2018 description
Launched by WFP in nine countries so far, this innovative mechanism ensures that preparedness measures are funded and implemented before disaster strikes.
27 Mar 2018 description
The IFRC plans to assist 15,000 people affected by hurricane Maria for an additional three months, increasing activities and the number of volunteers involved in the operation based on remaining needs.
23 Mar 2018 description
Checklist focuses on engagement and education at community level, disaster preparedness and effective dissemination of warnings so that early action takes place in a timely manner.
19 Mar 2018 description
The rainy season is expected to have a serious impact on life-saving services and ongoing aid in Cox’s Bazar, with damage to WASH infrastructure likely to spread water-borne diseases.
14 Mar 2018 description
In addition to an analysis of disaster impact on the subsectors of fisheries, aquaculture and forestry, the report reveals a methodology for evaluating damage and loss.
09 Mar 2018 description
The well-managed, government-led, lifesaving response will need to be sustained across southern and eastern parts of the country through much of 2018.
28 Feb 2018 description
The United Nations Office for Disaster Risk Reduction has engaged CIMA Research Foundation to generate risk profiles on flood and drought in 16 countries in Sub-Saharan Africa.
20 Feb 2018 description
Small engineering projects continue in the settlements where UNHCR operates to build bamboo-reinforced footpaths and stairs, raised bridges, and retaining walls for soil stabilization and drainage networks.
20 Feb 2018 description
The head of UN humanitarian efforts in Somalia has underlined the importance of improving communities’ resilience to better withstand the effects of recurring droughts, such as famines.
18 Feb 2018 description
Mitigating the effects of the drought and helping the people who have been displaced by it was one of the main topics covered in the UN official’s meeting with President Mohamed Ali.
16 Feb 2018 description
This guide will help smallholder farmers and frontline agricultural staff to manage FAW more effectively amidst fears that FAW may push more people into hunger.
08 Feb 2018 description
During 2017, FAO supported governments and communities in responding to food chain crises, which can threaten lives and livelihoods and lead to major emergencies.