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15 Sep 2017 description
Led by WHO and partners, the campaign targets communities recently affected by floods and landslides, which left over 6,000 displaced and caused some 500 deaths.
05 Sep 2017 description
Two rounds of vaccination will be delivered in 25 affected communities by the Government of Sierra Leone with support from Gavi Alliance, WHO, UNICEF, the UK Government and other health partners.
05 Sep 2017 description
UNMAS currently works in newly liberated areas of Ninewah, Anbar and Salah al-Din governorates to provide emergency survey and clearance, enhance government capacities and deliver risk education.
31 Aug 2017 description
With concern expressed over deteriorating conditions from a second severe drought this year, USAID's 2017 contribution to the country comes to nearly $454 million.
31 Aug 2017 description
An estimated 3.1 million people, 25 percent of the population, are expected to be in Crisis (IPC Phase 3) or emergency (IPC Phase 4) through December.
28 Aug 2017 description
De ese total, 478 se encuentran en el departamento de Canelones, 151 en Florida, 153 personas en Maldonado y 104 en San José. Otros departamentos afectados son Lavalleja, Soriano y Colonia.
10 Aug 2017 description
En el 2010 se registraron 1,193 casos, mientrás que en el 2016 se redujeron a 440. Se han reportado 236 casos en el 1er semestre de 2017. El SESAN pronostica 390 en total para este año.
10 Aug 2017 description
Con esta declaratoria, emitida por Protección Civil y solicitada por el gobierno estatal, las autoridades contarán con recursos para atender las necesidades de la población afectada.
09 Aug 2017 description
El Programa Somos Defensores documentó un aumento del 30% en los asesinatos de defensores de DD. HH. y líderes sociales en el primer semestre de 2017. Presentarán informe la próxima semana.
07 Aug 2017 description
report Government of Cuba
Los centros fueron creados por idea del estado mayor nacional de la Defensa Civil y financiados por el Programa de Naciones Unidas para el Desarrollo (PNUD) y otras organizaciones no gubernamentales.
04 Aug 2017 description
As humanitarian needs grow, the EU has released fresh humanitarian funding of €9 million for essential supplies like food and medical care and support humanitarian organisations working in the affected areas.
02 Aug 2017 description
The victims are civilians; children, women and elderly persons who needed medical care. Their suffering did not stop when they left Aleppo, these people have lost everything - PIN.
01 Aug 2017 description
Desde finales de Abril hasta la fecha se han evacuado 1,535 personas; se reportan 6 heridos; una persona desaparecida y 16 fallecidos por deslizamientos y derrumbes principalmente.
27 Jul 2017 description
The programme helps refugees rent urban accommodation and provides them with cash assistance marking a change from providing support for accommodation in camps.
20 Jul 2017 description
The new funding aims to help humanitarian organisations respond to urgent needs, especially in terms of access to emergency health services and essential medicines.
19 Jul 2017 description
Severe drought over the past year has resulted in very large livestock losses in the region, food insecurity is worsening to extreme levels following interruptions in humanitarian assistance.
18 Jul 2017 description
The HRP aims to provide emergency assistance to strengthen the protection and resilience of vulnerable persons in the affected Pool districts, IDPs and refugees from neighbouring regions.
07 Jul 2017 description
DRC could save up to $383 million by 2025 if the prevalence of underweight children is reduced from 11 to 5 percent and if stunting (low growth for age) is reduced from 43 to 10 percent.
07 Jul 2017 description
The additional funding brings the total amount donated to the region, including Somalia, Ethiopia, Djibouti, Kenya and Uganda, to almost €260 million since the beginning of this year.
05 Jul 2017 description
This €5 million aid brings EU humanitarian assistance to the most vulnerable people in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) to almost €28 million since the beginning of 2017.