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21 Feb 2018 description
Since 2016, children have been used in war in at least 18 countries. More than 20% of the UN Member States enlist children into their militaries, including 17 states which enlist as young as 16.
11 Feb 2018 description
The recruitment and use of child soldiers continues at alarming levels around the world today and the international community must act now to help end this devastating practice.
19 Jun 2017 description
New report by Child Soldiers International reveals cycle of violence and rejection suffered by former girl soldiers in DR Congo and hears why some are re-joining armed groups.
30 Mar 2016 description
A new report examines progress made so far in engagement with armed groups, demonstrating that since 1999 over 60 armed groups have made unilateral or bilateral commitments to reduce and end the recruitment and use of children.
23 Jan 2015 description
A report finds that military officers and civilian ‘brokers’ continue to use deliberate misrepresentation to entice new recruits. Poor and uneducated boys are frequently intimidated.
13 May 2013 description
The international community should increase pressure on Chad to end child recruitment before it is allowed to contribute to the UN peacekeeping force in Mali, urges Child Soldiers International.
23 Jan 2013 description
Nearly a decade since international engagement on the issue first began and despite the signing of a Joint Action Plan between the Myanmar government and the UN in June 2012, children continue to be present in army ranks
17 Apr 2012 description
Child Soldiers: Commitments must now be turned into action [LONDON, 16 April 2012] – The use of child soldiers by the Chadian armed forces may have ended but children continue to risk being recruited and used for military purposes. A report published by Child Soldiers International finds that...