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27 Jan 2017 description
The actions by the Trump administration will close doors to refugees, who are already required to undergo thorough vetting. This is a major problem, both for its direct effects and for possible ripples internationally.
14 May 2015 description
A new study seeks to provide guidance to the government and its supporters to respond to the challenges of IDPs, both in the emergency phase and in the longer-term.
28 Apr 2015 description
The disparity of treatment between refugees and IDPs - particularly evident when they are living in proximity to one another - is a global phenomenon, which is causing tension in Iraq.
13 Jan 2015 description
An independent study assesses whether institutional reforms of the humanitarian system (such as those carried out through the cluster approach) have improved IDP protection and assistance.
07 Nov 2014 description
A new study analyzes both the strengths and challenges of ASEAN’s approach to capacity building and presents case studies for Indonesia and the Philippines.
09 May 2014 description
A new paper calls on the international human rights community to devote more attention to disasters and on the humanitarian community to incorporate a rights-based approach to disaster management.
10 Mar 2014 description
For humanitarian actors working in other countries, there is a clear lesson to pay attention to the prospects for nuclear/industrial/technological accidents triggered by natural hazards.
05 Nov 2013 description
A new report explores the roles of development, humanitarian and peacebuilding actors and provides strategic recommendations on improving access to durable solutions.
31 Oct 2013 description
Rather than living in large camps, most of the world’s 28.8 million IDPs currently live “outside camps.” A new report provides insight into their protection needs and vulnerabilities.
02 Jul 2013 description
A new study highlights insufficient regional will and poor regional coordination, exemplified by organizational duplication and institutional overlap between actors.
30 May 2013 description
The term ‘integrated’ IDPs in the Kenyan context refers to IDPs living outside of camps. The report shows that this does not imply that they have necessarily found a durable solution.
31 Mar 2013 description
After several years of mega-disasters and consequent high funding for disaster response, international humanitarian disaster funding dipped to the relatively low 2009 level.
27 Feb 2013 description
The study provides basic information about the work of more than 30 regional organizations involved in disaster risk management and draws comparisons and generalizations about the work of 13 of these organizations through the use of 17 indicators of effectiveness.
30 Jan 2013 description
New paper explores the complex relationship between climate change, displacement and indigenous communities in the Arctic region.
20 Dec 2012 description
By: Khalid Koser When the Guiding Principles on Internal Displacement were completed in 1998, it was against the backdrop of the massive displacement of people inside their own countries, especially as a result of the civil wars in the Great Lakes, West Africa, and the Balkans. This was a new...
14 May 2012 description
By Megan Bradley, Fellow, Brookings–LSE Project on Internal Displacement Jane McAdam, Nonresident Senior Fellow, Brookings–LSE Project on Internal Displacement May 2012 Displacement caused by conflict and human rights violations is typically resolved through the pursuit of three “durable...
23 Mar 2012 description
This time last year about 1,000 people per hour were fleeing Libya into Egypt and Tunisia. In total perhaps two million people have left their homes over the last year as a result of the impact of the Arab Spring across North Africa and the Middle East, and at least thirty countries have been...
13 Mar 2012 description
This Review analyzes some of the major events and trends related to natural disasters and humanitarian disaster response in 2011. 2011 was the most expensive year in terms of disaster losses in history, mostly because of a spate of disasters affecting developed countries. Globally, the ecnonomic...
27 Feb 2012 description
Elizabeth Ferris, Co-Director, Brookings-LSE Project on Internal Displacement The Brookings Institution As the violence in Syria drags into its twelfth month, there is growing evidence that a humanitarian disaster is taking place and there are painfully few options for effective response. More...
02 Feb 2012 description
INTRODUCTION* On 7 July 2011, the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS) convened its first Ministerial Conference On Humanitarian Assistance And Internal Displacement In West Africa in Abuja, Nigeria. ECOWAS members have long been in the forefront of African efforts to develop...