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07 May 2015 description
The latest issue of Forced Migration Review calls for a cross-sectoral approach to different forms of disaster-induced human mobility (displacement, migration and planned relocation).
16 Sep 2014 description
A special supplement of Forced Migration Review presents 11 articles, which reflect some of the thinking behind humanitarian innovation for displaced people, and some of its current manifestations.
13 Feb 2014 description
Many people who are displaced, or become ‘trapped’, in the context of diverse humanitarian crises do not fit well within existing legal, policy and operational frameworks for the protection of refugees and IDPs.
06 Dec 2012 description
Latest issue of Forced Migration Review focuses on addressing causes of displacement and the legal and institutional context.
15 Jun 2012 description
from the editors As this issue goes to print, the so-called Arab Spring continues to reverberate locally, regionally and geopolitically. It started in early 2011 and spread across North Africa, with well-documented consequences far further afield in Africa and Europe. The conflict in Libya in...
11 Oct 2011 description
We need to get used to the idea that modern technologies are reaching and affecting not only researchers and agencies but even the displaced and uprooted themselves. In fact it may be the agencies which – despite their own use of technology – need to catch up with the importance of technology in...