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03 Jun 2015 description
Even in the event of peace, home may no longer be the place it used to be. No matter how much is invested in housing, services, and infrastructure, only those feeling safe will show up and they may not be the ones originally displaced.
12 Jan 2015 description
A new paper aims to provide advice to the Palestinian leadership and the international community on how to approach the daunting task of rebuilding the Gaza Strip while avoiding past mistakes.
17 Nov 2014 description
The metadata generated by mobile phones can enable unprecedented insights about individuals and societies. Used with restraint, this data can aid humanitarian work.
12 May 2014 description
A new report outlines a set of policy recommendations based on the recognition that Syrian refugees are likely to stay in Turkey for the foreseeable future.
14 Nov 2013 description
As the conflict intensifies and the resources of the Turkish government and society are stretched thin, a new report examines the challenges Turkey faces in responding to the Syrian crisis.
21 Aug 2013 description
Integrating the concern for education in fragile states across development, humanitarian, security, and disaster risk reduction actors is crucial for ensuring continuity of quality education at scale.
16 Jul 2013 description
A new paper examines how mobile technology assists in the creation of early warning systems, aids in emergency coordination, and improves public communications in times of crisis.
25 Jun 2012 description
On July 9, 2012, South Sudan will celebrate its first anniversary as an independent and sovereign state. The January 2011 referendum effectively ended the prolonged, violent confrontation between the Republic of Sudan and the territories that would ultimately gain independence as South Sudan. This...
15 Sep 2011 description
EVENT SUMMARY In the aftermath of the earthquake, tsunami and nuclear crisis that struck northeast Japan on March 11, Japan has faced multiple challenges and crises. As Japan has begun major reconstruction efforts in the affected areas, worked to regain control of damaged nuclear power plants, and...