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12 Mar 2018 description
Las organizaciones locales de derechos humanos afirman que Venezuela padece un déficit de suministro de medicamentos del 80% o 90% y la mitad de los hospitales no están en funcionamiento.
22 Nov 2017 description
The Rohingya people are trapped in a vicious system of state-sponsored, institutionalised discrimination, said Amnesty International in a new analysis into the root causes of the current crisis.
18 Jun 2017 description
According to Amnesty, more than 900,000 South Sudanese refugees have sought safety in Uganda, but funding shortfalls mean that many of them are not receiving basic services.
24 Nov 2016 description
Thousands of refugees who have made it across the border to Bangladesh in desperate need of food, water and medical care are being forcibly pushed back, said Amnesty.
23 Nov 2016 description
Anti-Huthi forces in Ta’iz, south Yemen, are harassing and intimidating hospital staff and endangering civilians by stationing fighters and military positions near medical facilities, says Amnesty.
15 Sep 2016 description
Fresh accounts gathered by Amnesty International from people in the area on the Syria-Jordan border, known as the berm, paint a desperate picture of human suffering.
03 Aug 2016 description
Human Rights Watch and Amnesty said the Australian government’s failure to address serious abuses appears to be a deliberate policy to deter further asylum seekers from arriving by boat.
06 Jul 2016 description
Amnesty documented the psychological impact of mass killings, rape, torture, abductions, and a case of forced cannibalism on the survivors and witnesses of these crimes.
31 May 2016 description
Despite the promises made by successive Afghan governments, IDPs continue to lack adequate shelter, food, water, health care, and opportunities to pursue education and employment.
23 Mar 2016 description
Grossly inadequate support from the international community and barriers imposed by the government of Jordan are leaving Syrian refugees unable to access health care and other vital services, said Amnesty in a new report.
03 Mar 2016 description
Even as Syria’s fragile ceasefire deal was being hammered out, Syrian government forces and their allies intensified their attacks on medical facilities, says the organisation.
28 Oct 2015 description
The apparently deliberate targeting of a hospital supported by MSF in northern Yemen, which may amount to a war crime, demands an urgent, independent investigation, Amnesty said.
04 Aug 2015 description
Indiscriminate aerial bombardments and ground offensives as well as the deliberate targeting of schools and hospitals constitute war crimes, says the NGO in a new report.
07 Aug 2014 description
An investigation is needed into evidence that the Israel Defense Forces attacked hospitals and health professionals in Gaza, leaving six medics dead, said Amnesty.
20 May 2014 description
According to Amnesty, the situation is so extreme that in some cases refugees have resorted to returning to Syria to receive treatment.
08 May 2014 description
Horrific atrocities have been committed by both parties to the conflict, with ethnically motivated attacks on civilians constituting war crimes and crimes against humanity, Amnesty says.
04 Dec 2012 description
"The tragedy of Abyan will haunt Yemen for decades to come unless those responsible are held to account and victims and their families receive reparations."
01 Nov 2012 description
INTRODUCTION “We are in the middle of two things. If you take a look at your right or you take a look at your left both of them they are deadly. It’s a lose lose situation.” A civil engineer, aged 32 from Maiduguri, whose brother was killed by security forces in June 2012. Since...
07 Oct 2012 description
As a large contingent of armed forces and armed militias surround Bani Walid in preparation for a possible assault, Amnesty International has called on the Libyan authorities to avoid unnecessary and excessive use of force in the city and to ensure that medical and other essential supplies are...
22 Jun 2012 description
Realizing human rights and achieving sustainable development are inter-dependent and mutually-reinforcing goals. States must ensure that the Outcome Document of the UN Conference on Sustainable Development recognizes the centrality of human rights to sustainable development and reaffirms the...