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24 Aug 2017 description
Thousands of civilians trapped in Raqqa are coming under fire from all sides as the battle for control of the city enters its final stage, Amnesty International said in a new report.
22 Dec 2016 description
The UN General Assembly has voted to establish an independent panel to assist in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity in Syria.
28 Nov 2016 description
As government forces tighten the stranglehold around eastern Aleppo, the siege in that part of the city is expected to intensify with devastating consequences for civilians, Amnesty said.
03 Mar 2016 description
Even as Syria’s fragile ceasefire deal was being hammered out, Syrian government forces and their allies intensified their attacks on medical facilities, says the organisation.
05 Nov 2015 description
A new Amnesty report reveals that the state is profiting from disappearances amounting to crimes against humanity, through a black market in which family members are exploited for cash.
13 Oct 2015 description
A new Amnesty International report reveals evidence of alarming abuses detailing the deliberate displacement of thousands of civilians and the razing of entire villages.
12 Aug 2015 description
Relentless aerial bombardment and shelling by Syrian government forces is magnifying the suffering of civilians trapped under siege and facing an escalating humanitarian crisis.
04 May 2015 description
A new report details the horrendous war crimes and other abuses being committed in the city by government forces and armed opposition groups on a daily basis.
17 Mar 2015 description
A new report by Amnesty International provides evidence that the Syrian air force launched a series of airstrikes in November that led to the deaths of up to 115 civilians.
05 Dec 2014 description
Around 3.8 million refugees are being hosted in Turkey, Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq and Egypt. Only 1.7 per cent of this number have been offered sanctuary by the rest of the world.
30 Apr 2014 description
The Council must take action, including threatening targeted sanctions, against parties in Syria that are brazenly flouting the terms of a UN resolution calling for immediate access.
13 Feb 2014 description
As many as a quarter of a million civilians in areas under siege around Syria need the UN Security Council to push for unfettered humanitarian access to alleviate their suffering, Amnesty International said today.
14 Sep 2013 description
Many more concerted actions are required to ensure both accountability and an alleviation of the humanitarian crisis in the country.
07 Aug 2013 description
New satellite images of Aleppo provide the most up-to-date evidence of how the protracted conflict in Syria is resulting in massive human rights violations against civilians.
10 Jan 2013 description
Opposition leaders and experts at an international conference planning for the Syrian government’s possible collapse were urged to put human rights at the heart of all planning
19 Sep 2012 description
New evidence – High civilian death toll from campaign of indiscriminate attacks Civilians, many of them children, are the main victims of a campaign of relentless and indiscriminate attacks by the Syrian army, Amnesty International said in a new briefing. The briefing paper (and accompanying...
23 Aug 2012 description
Syria: Civilians bear the brunt as battle for Aleppo rages Civilians are enduring a horrific level of violence in the battle between Syrian government forces and opposition fighters for control of Aleppo - the country’s largest city and commercial capital - Amnesty International said in a new...