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05 Sep 2017 description
“Rakhine state is on the precipice of a humanitarian disaster ... By blocking access for humanitarian organizations, Myanmar’s authorities have put tens of thousands of people at risk," said Amnesty.
05 Sep 2017 description
Attacks and suicide bombings in Cameroon and Nigeria has left at least 381 civilians dead in the five months since the start of April 2017, Amnesty International said.
04 Sep 2017 description
Sixty-two organizations state that an inquiry should be given the mandate to establish the facts and circumstances of alleged violations of international human rights and humanitarian law.
24 Aug 2017 description
Thousands of civilians trapped in Raqqa are coming under fire from all sides as the battle for control of the city enters its final stage, Amnesty International said in a new report.
23 Aug 2017 description
Without clear political will to enforce the agreement to ensure the Tawargha’s safe return home, the public commitments made in June 2017 will be little more than an empty gesture.
17 Aug 2017 description
The terrible aftermath of the mudslides, which have left more than 3000 people homeless, grimly illustrates the human cost of the government’s failure to implement housing and land policies, said Amnesty.
19 Jul 2017 description
Amnesty urges parties to Arsal security operation "to prioritize the protection of Lebanese residents as well as Syrian refugees in the area and to refrain from using lethal force" if at all possible.
13 Jun 2017 description
Amnesty states that the violent conflict, fueled by extrajudicial executions and other crimes under international law, requires urgent and immediate action from the UN Human Rights Council.
19 May 2017 description
Amnesty calls on the East African Community to prioritize ending human rights violations in Burundi, and provide the renewed political leadership and commitment needed to end the crisis.
14 Feb 2017 description
Amnesty calls on Burundi to reverse repressive measures and stop stifling debate on issues critical to the future of the country, and allow independent experts ... to investigate and make recommendations to end the crisis.
09 Feb 2017 description
"Today is a historic day for more than a quarter of a million refugees who were at risk of being forcefully returned to Somalia, where they would have been at serious risk of human rights abuses," said Amnesty.
22 Dec 2016 description
The UN General Assembly has voted to establish an independent panel to assist in the investigation and prosecution of those responsible for war crimes or crimes against humanity in Syria.
28 Nov 2016 description
As government forces tighten the stranglehold around eastern Aleppo, the siege in that part of the city is expected to intensify with devastating consequences for civilians, Amnesty said.
24 Nov 2016 description
Thousands of refugees who have made it across the border to Bangladesh in desperate need of food, water and medical care are being forcibly pushed back, said Amnesty.
16 Nov 2016 description
The agency said thousands of refugees remained at risk of forced repatriation to Somalia, a war-torn country where they were at risk of death or injury in the ongoing conflict.
04 Nov 2016 description
Amnesty is participating in the proceedings as an interested party and has filed submissions on Kenya’s obligations under international law to ensure the rights of asylum seekers and refugees.
27 Oct 2016 description
Amnesty’s research team met with displaced civilians and conducted phone interviews, gathering fresh evidence pointing to civilian deaths and injuries in recent days.
15 Sep 2016 description
Fresh accounts gathered by Amnesty International from people in the area on the Syria-Jordan border, known as the berm, paint a desperate picture of human suffering.