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02 Dec 2013 description
Amnesty International calls on the Security Council to authorize this week a robust peacekeeping force to save people from the violence and chaos engulfing the country.
01 Dec 2013 description
While calling for the release of children detained in prison, Amnesty urges the government to investigates the grave human rights violations committed over the last two years by all parties to the conflict.
06 Nov 2013 description
The government of Nigeria needs to radically overhaul the way the security forces operate in north-eastern Nigeria and their response to the threat posed by Boko Haram, says Amnesty.
31 Oct 2013 description
A new report highlights the increasing difficulties faced by people who are trying to escape the conflict in Syria. Scores have also been forcibly deported back.
29 Oct 2013 description
Exacerbated by the conflict, the humanitarian situation is calamitous, with thousands of people dependent on food and medical care provided by aid workers. But these too are being targeted.
17 Oct 2013 description
This new report throws a spotlight on the tragic consequences of Egypt’s hardline stance towards refugees from Syria as hundreds of them face ongoing detention in poor conditions or deportation.
05 Oct 2013 description
At least 70 teachers and scores of pupils have been killed or wounded, tens of schools have been forced to close across norther Nigeria due to horrific attacks, Amnesty reports.
14 Sep 2013 description
Many more concerted actions are required to ensure both accountability and an alleviation of the humanitarian crisis in the country.
13 Sep 2013 description
The Somali government relocated thousands of IDPs to proposed camps outside the city to make way for development of the capital, but the plan turned out to be inherently flawed.
30 Aug 2013 description
The inability and unwillingness of the authorities to investigate these crimes leaves survivors of sexual violence even more isolated and contributes to a climate of impunity.
07 Aug 2013 description
New satellite images of Aleppo provide the most up-to-date evidence of how the protracted conflict in Syria is resulting in massive human rights violations against civilians.
07 Jun 2013 description
Preliminary findings of a four-week mission document alleged human rights violations of extrajudicial executions, enforced disappearances and torture.
30 May 2013 description
Hundreds of women have taken part in workshops where specially trained community members lead sessions on issues such as rape, incest and eviction of widows.
23 May 2013 description
In 2012 the global community witnessed a range of human rights emergencies that forced large numbers of people to seek safety, within states or across borders.
23 Apr 2013 description
Almost 1,000 families have been forcibly evicted from their homes between January and March this year – an about-turn from 2012 when forced evictions were on the decline.
17 Apr 2013 description
Amnesty report says humanitarian crisis will only get worse as food supplies are dwindling and the impending rainy season makes roads impassable.
26 Feb 2013 description
Promises made by the new authorities to respect and protect human rights and the fight against impunity remain unheeded.
22 Feb 2013 description
As a peace and security agreement is expected to be signed on Sunday by 11 African states, Amnesty urges all actors involved to focus on civilian protection.
11 Feb 2013 description
Poorly regulated international arms transfers continue to contribute to the recruitment and use of children under the age of 18 in hostilities.
14 Jan 2013 description
All parties to the armed conflict in Mali must ensure civilians are protected, Amnesty International urged today as military attacks by French forces continued. With French support, the Malian army launched a counter-offensive against armed Islamist groups on 11 January to prevent the capture of...