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11 Dec 2015 description
As of October, 1.8 million children were not in school. In some cases, they are deterred from going because of fear of airstrikes, while in others, schools have been rendered unusable.
25 Nov 2015 description
Activists who speak out against attempts by President Joseph Kabila to stand for a third term are being subjected to arbitrary arrest and, in some cases, prolonged incommunicado detention, said Amnesty.
12 Nov 2015 description
With an increase in killings, inflammator public statements by high level officials and provocative attacks on the security forces by armed opposition, the international community is being put to the test.
05 Nov 2015 description
A new Amnesty report reveals that the state is profiting from disappearances amounting to crimes against humanity, through a black market in which family members are exploited for cash.
28 Oct 2015 description
The apparently deliberate targeting of a hospital supported by MSF in northern Yemen, which may amount to a war crime, demands an urgent, independent investigation, Amnesty said.
22 Oct 2015 description
Security forces killed at least three people in election-related violence in Conakry, including two who were shot in the back and one who was beaten to death, Amnesty International said.
21 Oct 2015 description
In a new report, Amnesty International reveals that Rohingya people attempting to flee persecution in Myammar by boat earlier this year were killed or severely beaten by human traffickers.
13 Oct 2015 description
A new Amnesty International report reveals evidence of alarming abuses detailing the deliberate displacement of thousands of civilians and the razing of entire villages.
07 Oct 2015 description
More civilians have died as a result of coalition airstrikes than from any other cause during the conflict in Yemen. Sa’da has suffered more destruction from coalition airstrikes than any other city in the country.
01 Oct 2015 description
Protecting civilians from further onslaught and serious abuses at the hands of the Taliban is of the utmost importance, warned Amnesty International.
22 Sep 2015 description
Amnesty, the Auckland Refugee Council and the Asia Pacific Refugee Rights Network support a strategy towards improving the protection of more than 8.7 million people.
16 Sep 2015 description
Having killed at least 7,000 people in Nigeria since January 2014, Boko Haram has brought violence to Nigeria’s neighbours, including people living in North Cameroon.
25 Aug 2015 description
In a new briefing published today, Amnesty International has documented chilling testimonies of victims of torture and other ill-treatment at the hands of Burundian security forces.
18 Aug 2015 description
A new report reveals that unlawful coalition airstrikes and attacks by pro and anti-Huthi armed groups have killed scores of civilians and could amount to war crimes.
12 Aug 2015 description
Relentless aerial bombardment and shelling by Syrian government forces is magnifying the suffering of civilians trapped under siege and facing an escalating humanitarian crisis.
04 Aug 2015 description
Indiscriminate aerial bombardments and ground offensives as well as the deliberate targeting of schools and hospitals constitute war crimes, says the NGO in a new report.
23 Jul 2015 description
Even where children were present during demonstrations, police still failed to exercise restraint, and used tear gas and live ammunition, a new Amnesty report says.
15 Jun 2015 description
World leaders are condemning millions of refugees to an unbearable existence and thousands to death by failing to provide essential humanitarian protection, said Amnesty International in a new report, ahead of World Refugee Day on 20 June.
02 Jun 2015 description
Nine people, mostly humanitarian workers, were killed in a gun attack in northern Afghanistan on 1 June. The aid workers were part of the Czech organization People in Need.
22 May 2015 description
Amnesty report provides compelling evidence of ongoing war crimes, including torture and summary killings of prisoners by a broad range of captors on both sides of the conflict.