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19 Dec 2017 description
report European Commission
The funded projects will support the country's electoral reform process, enhance the waste management sector, and foster socio-economic development along the Litani River Basin.
21 Nov 2017 description
report European Commission
At regional level, the EU's assistance will help to build longer term resilience by increasing the region's disaster preparedness as well as its ability to adapt to climate change.
27 Jul 2017 description
The programme helps refugees rent urban accommodation and provides them with cash assistance marking a change from providing support for accommodation in camps.
14 Jul 2017 description
report European Commission
The EU will continue its support for emergency relief in newly retaken areas. It will also go towards emergency medical service providers attending to injured civilians on the frontlines.
08 Jun 2017 description
report European Commission
The 'Conditional Cash Transfer for Education' project, which aims to encourage some 230,000 refugee children to attend school in Turkey by the end of 2017, receives €34 million in EU funding.
05 Apr 2017 description
report European Commission
The five grant projects are providing long-term support to the urgent challenge of sustainable and durable integration of returnees and IDPs and aim to anchor populations within the country.
17 Mar 2017 description
The assistance will be allocated to respond to the crisis caused by the conflict in South Sudan as well the drought in Somalia, Kenya, and Ethiopia.
12 Dec 2016 description
report European Commission
Este paquete consiste en medidas a corto y medio plazo en forma de préstamos, asistencia técnica y subvenciones, y de un Fondo Fiduciario dotado con 95 millones EUR.
05 Dec 2016 description
report European Commission
The two new tools launched today by the European Commission centralize migration-related data to better understand migration flows, trends and their impact on societies across the EU.
30 Nov 2016 description
report European Commission
Access to education for children in emergency situations, one of the most underfunded areas in humanitarian aid, will be among the top priorities for humanitarian funding in 2017.
17 Nov 2016 description
The pledges made today will support the country's efforts to achieve peace, security and reconciliation, as well as development and economic recovery, while continuing with the provision of humanitarian assistance.
26 Oct 2016 description
As conflict continues in Aleppo and wounded civilians remained trapped without access to aid, EU reiterates the urgency to allow for humanitarian aid to reach the affected.
04 Mar 2016 description
report European Commission
The number of Syrians seeking international protection has doubled in 2015 compared with 2014 to 362 800; the number of Afghans has almost quadrupled to 178 200; and that of Iraqis has multiplied by 7 to 121 500.
06 Feb 2015 description
With this substantial package, the EU aims to ensure steady and predictable funding for essential priorities: relief, stabilisation, development in the region, and counter-terrorism threats posed by groups like Da'esh.
30 Sep 2014 description
report European Commission
The projects will ensure better access to health for 760,000 people; create jobs and rehabilitate damaged infrastructure in Bangui; and empower women and work towards their economic inclusion.
11 Sep 2014 description
Leaders from developing countries, civil society, private sector and agencies will discuss how vulnerable countries can establish recovery strategies and processes before disaster strikes.
14 Jul 2014 description
report European Commission
The fund will prepare the transition from emergency response, such as humanitarian aid, towards longer-term development assistance in the the Central African Republic.
14 Apr 2014 description
The unique new web tool will be launched Tuesday by the European Commission at the High Level Meeting of the Global Partnership for Effective Development Cooperation in Mexico.
13 Mar 2014 description
report European Commission
The amount represents a significant boost in EU aid and will help restore basic social services and livelihoods; particularly in the areas of education, health, and food security and nutrition.
16 Dec 2013 description
report European Commission
The funds will provide secure data, voice and video services through satellite communication between the African Union, sub-regional organisations and peace missions.