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27 Nov 2013 description
The Institute Pasteur reconfirmed the recent outbreak as yellow fever. By 24 Nov, 44 suspected cases and 14 deaths had been reported from West and South Kordofan.
14 Nov 2013 description
By 13 Nov, 36 suspected cases and 10 deaths had been reported from West and South Kordofan. The schedule of a vaccination campaign depends on reconfirmation of the diagnosis.
07 Nov 2013 description
Between 3 October and 6 November, 22 suspected cases of yellow fever were reported, including eight deaths. Positive samples were sent out for re-confirmation procedures.
10 Jan 2013 description
As of 6 January, the total number of suspected cases has reached 849, including 171 deaths (case fatality rate of 20.1%)
20 Dec 2012 description
Highlights As of 19 December 2012, 26% of Nyala’s targeted population as well as 88% of the targeted population of Forbranga locality in West Darfur were vaccinated against yellow fever during Phase II of the vaccination campaign. The campaign commenced on 9 December in West Darfur, 17 December...
06 Dec 2012 description
As of 4 December 2012, the yellow fever vaccination coverage for Central Darfur was 77%, for North Darfur – 88.5%, South Darfur – 55% and West Darfur – 91.5%. The total number of suspected cases has reached 732, including 165 deaths (case fatality rate of 22.5%).
30 Nov 2012 description
Preparations are underway for the second phase of the vaccination campaign with support from NGOs working in targeted localities.
18 Nov 2012 description
A 10-day vaccination campaign will start on 24 Nov targeting 2.4 million people in South, North, Central and West Darfur.
26 Sep 2012 description
Sudanese Children 2011 report, published jointly by the National Council of Child Welfare NCCW and UNICEF Sudan, shows Sudan’s progress in childhood indicators between 2006 and 2010, and outlines specific actions for every state that need to be taken in order to meet remaining...