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05 Sep 2017 description
UNMAS currently works in newly liberated areas of Ninewah, Anbar and Salah al-Din governorates to provide emergency survey and clearance, enhance government capacities and deliver risk education.
11 Nov 2016 description
Far fewer aid agencies work in dangerous countries than in safe ones, and not nearly enough are there to provide people with what they need, according to a new report.
26 Jul 2016 description
It has become increasingly clear that children, many of them unaccompanied, are in the forefront of the crisis. In 2015 88,245 unaccompanied children applied for asylum in the EU; in May 2016 alone, 3,133 lone children arrived in Italy - UK government.
10 May 2016 description
UK International Development Committee report identifies the key points which should take priority if the first World Humanitarian Summit later this month is to make real progress.